Considering Getting More Politically Active In This Election Season; Notes On The Democrat Debate

I’m a bit behind so far, though. Just now watched the Democrat Debate (no, I don’t use “Democratic” as adjective in that context…There are Democrats and Republicans…Democrat Debate and Republican Debate). Still taking notes, but here’s the best assemblage of clips so far. We need to get very serious about this election.... This content is…Read More

Sunday Church For Human Animals: You’re Still Using Slavery Arguments; You’re Using Free Market Arguments to Advocate Collectivism; Obamacare Co-Ops Fail… Hundreds of Thousands Face Federal Fines; The Diminishing Cult Of Loren Cordain “Paleo”

~ For nearly 25 years now I’ve loosely used human slavery as a reference or analogy to what exists now in terms of statism, because I would prefer that people get a brain and dump all allegiance to all states worldwide. But it’s imperfect, and I always use it tongue in cheek because I hate...…Read More

What If You Dropped The Silly Notion of Borders?

Artificial borders, drawn with crayon or colored pencils on paper that serves as your meta-metaphor, making precisions beyond plain continental drift (we’re land animals) is really silly on Kindergarten proportions. I won’t belabor how fucktarded you are. Thank me later. Why does everyone agitate over borders? No, REALLY, why does everyone agitate over borders? Money....…Read More

Let’s Try This. Since Most People Cops Kill Deserve It, What About The Dog Pets They Kill Every Day?

I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about this explicitly in a single post, though I’ve been aware of it even before Radley Balko of The Agitator blog (now Washington Post) wrote this in 2006: They Always Shoot the Dog. Apparently, people who think that perhaps the government acted properly in invading and burning down a house of...…Read More

Let’s Unpack A To-Be-Published Gluten Sensitivity Study Touted To Vindicate Dr. William Davis and Wheat Belly

You folks really need to try harder. I do like Bill Davis and have had some nice exchanges with him going way back and most importantly, he was very friendly to the revolutionary work Tim Steele and I did here on Resistant Starch. I got notice of a post on a new study a couple of days ago that strikes me as a bit bright eyed. Here's the study. In fairness, it's not yet published…Read More

Iron Fortification, Disease, and Obesity: An Update with Data Refinements

Why does fortified food so strongly correlate with poor health and obesity in developed countries? After our 6,000 word post hashing out the possibilities, we thought it was time to simplify the message. Quite simply it’s because fortification promotes an imbalance of micronutrients that would otherwise not happen when consuming a diet of whole foods....…Read More

Modern Politics in 1,000 Words

Well, it’s way less than 1,00 words, but it is a picture with words. Punchlines after. (HT: Carey Wedler)... This content is for Annual Subscription, Monthly Subscription, and Free Member Content members only and is a preview. Login or Join to access the rest, as well as all Premium Member content.Login Join NowRead More

Prime Time TV Used To Speak to Smart People Sometimes

Obviously, it didn’t work, since almost nobody can philosophically and consistent to principles, beat his or her way out of a paper sack. Perhaps that’s why this level of discourse is never seen, anymore. It would be like casting pearls before swine.... This content is for Annual Subscription, Monthly Subscription, and Free Member Content members…Read More

Is The Gut Microbiome a Better Puzzle Piece Contributing to Mass Killings Than Feminism?

Let’s not mince words, which is always great way to start. Famed smart and witty queer, Milo Yiannopoulos, weighs in on the recent incident where an adult male—this time—goes postal at a school, again. I might be a raging homo, but I still innately understand the male need to conquer, crush and win. Men need to express that dark, powerful...…Read More