Doubled Keep-It-Up Capacity; No Little Blue Pill

Just quick and just for fun.

In the space of a couple of hours, doubled my power capacity just today, as the sun gets lower and the days grown shorter—even though, this is, after all, California.


The electricians, engineers, smart DIY folks, etc., will immediately recognize that as a 4, 6v deep cycle wet cell battery super-cell, wired in both series and parallel to produce 12 volts and also—most importantly—a doubling of capacity—from 230 amp hours to 460. …The rest are voting for Bernie Sanders—unless they’re union electricians who do know; in which case, free stuff is always the guiding principle because they work so hard and they deserve it.

Yea, there were only two before, but I found myself obsessively checking voltage and missing stuff on TV. With the best internet service ever, that takes but an amp, WiFi, and a 32″ Smart LCD, we’ve got Hulu (no ads version), Amazon, Netflix and HBO now. Fuck live sports. Really. Fuck those idiots if they can’t figure out how to create a pay service that doesn’t involve a fucing municipal monopoly on cable or…crazy hilarious, SATELLITE. …That a company serving up programing via satellite would model the business exactly like those having cables strung all over is a testament to how fucking stupid municipalities and consumers are.

The first Dish company should have been founded by the guy who founded Uber. Yes, don’t bother in comments, please. I fully understand how very stupid and intransigent the entertainment industry is with its dinosaur legacy contracts that work for them for now.

…Anyway, went off on a little tangent there ’cause giddy. Really loving this. Here’s what I reported on Facebook:


Upgrade from 230 amp hours to 460 @ 12 volts (4 6v batteries) complete. Rule of thumb is 100 watt solar charge per 100 amp hours. I’m at 200 now, but with 2 additional panels for 400 watt total (plus a couple of cheapos that maybe do 30 watts together), just waiting for the connector and wiring kit.

With 430 amp hours, at an average draw over 24 hours of 3.5 amps, we can weather a 2-3 day storm with little solar charging, and still watch a couple hours of TV at night and keep the laptops and devices charged.


Keep it up without blue pills out there, everyone.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Woodchuck Pirate on October 16, 2015 at 06:56

    Hello Richard,

    Could you please tell me what pure sine wave inverter you are using on the system? Please forgive me if you’ve already shared this info. I’m captured in a race with winter and have been unable to read as much as I’d like.

    I had hoped to find a kit to build a pure sine wave inverter but didn’t find one available online. Winter arrival will afford much more PC time with soldering iron in hand. I have several buildings in need of battery banks and inverters. The “off the shelf” units seem unreasonably expensive for a woodchuck with soldering station.

    Thank you for sharing your insights on the off-grid strategy implementations. Simple living erases the concept of spare time. It’s an endless refinement/identification of best practices. There’s no time like now for people to get started, because experience is not something you can buy. Even if someone has no desire or expectations to go completely off-grid, it’s rational to expand knowledge and skill sets because statism is truly dead. There will always be kind people willing to be charitable, however there will never be enough “help” for those who have floated into armageddon on a ship of fools.

    It would be really cool to see you evolve toward an aquaponics system as well. That’s where I’m headed.

    Enjoy your day.

    Woodchuck Pirate
    aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

    • Richard Nikoley on October 16, 2015 at 11:00

      Hey Woodchuck.

      Actually, I’ve not had any use for a pure sine wave inverter and have had zero problems. I have two 400-watt inverters. One runs off the 12v port in the RV and powers the radio internet, Apple Airport Extreme WiFi, and charges the iPhones, iPads and such. The other inverter is hooked directly into the power panel so I can make use of all 400 watts. That runs the 32″ LCD smart TV, charges the vacuum cleaner, runs the coffee grinder and charges the two laptop computers.

      I’ve done aquaponics, but not for plants for human consumption, but in a marine reef tank. One of the best ways to scrub nitrites and nitrates for the health of your invertebrates (fish can handle pretty high levels) is to have a macro-algae garden in the sump under 24-hr lighting.

      • Woodchuck Pirate on October 17, 2015 at 11:25

        Hi Richard,

        Thanks for the info. I see where your inverter needs are different from mine. I’ll accommodate desktop pc, wired network, and other digital ideas as business partners bring them to the table. Heck, even wood pellet stoves have electronics requiring pure sine wave inverter for back-up power. It’s a smokey affair when the power goes out and the draft fan stops spinning with a handful of lit pellets in the burn pot. However at $600 price tag for BU power most stove owners are likely going without.

        We’ve got more than one electrical service so one emergency generator and transfer switch will not cover all needs. I should implement as much off-grid technology as possible while we expand. Almost nobody around my neck of the woods (NY) is doing any of it, what with the poverty rate so high. I’ll learn trial by fire so I appreciate what others share of their experiences. What I learn now can travel with me to my off-grid parcel in AZ. There I have propane delivery available and superior solar.

        Thanks for the micro-algae garden tip. I’ll have to research what all that means as I’m quite ignorant on the science. It is a timely reference as a business partner is now sharing plans to dig a pond at the east end of the farm (NY). I hadn’t considered incorporating aquaponics at that end, however maybe the pond is a game changer. It would certainly be nice to raise trout in the pond. I like trout.

        So much to think about and only a blink of an eye left to live.

        On another note, thanks for teaching me about resistant starch so long ago. At 6ft tall I’ve dipped under 180 pounds this week with no strategy at all except real food, no tobacco, alcohol or drugs. I never exercise except constant physical labor, and my blood pressure measured 113 over 65 . I eat all the ice cream, honey and dark chocolate I want and avoid processed food. My highest weight ever was 223, and I’ve stayed within a 15 pound range from my ideal of 177 for more than 15 years. The difference now is that I never count calories. I eat bacon nearly every day. What a difference your site has made in my life.

        Enjoy your day.

        Woodchuck Pirate
        aka Raymond J Raupers Jr USA

  2. Freddy on October 16, 2015 at 11:51

    I am sure you must have thought of this.
    Use your net connectivity to feed a fag packet sized projector to project huge TV images on your ceiling or wall. ref episode 1365 of Jack Spirkos’s podcasts on itunes. In case anyone is ‘hurt’ fags are cigarettes in England. cheers Freddy

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