Prime Time TV Used To Speak to Smart People Sometimes

Obviously, it didn’t work, since almost nobody can philosophically and consistent to principles, beat his or her way out of a paper sack.

Perhaps that’s why this level of discourse is never seen, anymore. It would be like casting pearls before swine.

Do note that this is essentially an argument against nihilism in the face of adolescent frustration and desire to DO SOMETHING (like: occupation by fucktards?). Note also how Bill Gannon (Harry Morgan) admonishes to not toss their idealism (it’s how things get changed) but not to bust up stuff, and to respect the rights of those they want to bust up.

It’s pretty much perfect. Do you know? There is no conflict between sound philosophy exercised by solid principle, and practicality. The pragmatists would have you believe there is, which is merely a pragmatic position, not a principled one. Unless pragmatism can be argued from principle then it’s a fraud that essentially reduces to do what feels good.

Richard Nikoley

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