A Ridiculously Short Anti-Shopper’s Guide to Black Friday

Post #4 of my 12th Anniversary Blogging Marathon, post #4,261 of my dozen years of daily blogging. Some may have noticed that I have a handful of “Black Friday” images in the banner rotation of about 100. When I checked email this morning, the lion’s share were from every merchant list I must have managed to…Read More

Reflections On Food, Paleo, and The Revolution

Post #3 of my 12th Anniversary Blogging Marathon, post #4,260 of my dozen years of daily blogging. We used to laugh uproariously and poke fun at the articles and authors tagging Paleo as a fad. “Well, it’s a 2 million year old fad, then.” HaHaHa. There were right; they are right. It is. I’m not sure…Read More

Free Flight, Bird of Prey and Space Tourism Coming Soon

Post #2 of my 12th Anniversary Blogging Marathon, post #4,259 of my dozen years of daily blogging. Well I’ve given away the theme. But rather than one of my now-&-then, watch me fly a hang glider, I have three interesting instances to cover. Let’s get the hang-gliding out of the way, first. Saw it this morning.…Read More

12th Year Anniversary Blog Marathon Begins Tomorrow

I’ve done it twice before. the first time was way back in 2008, when I pumped out 12 posts on December 31, 2008. Two years ago, I did 20 posts in three days, beginning with Black Friday. This time, I think I’ll begin tomorrow, Thanksgiving Day, in honor of all people “home alone” for Thanksgiving…Read More

Accidental Cold Adaptation For Fun

I recently blogged about this topic here. It was actually a bomb of a post (it happens). Little to no interest, which kinda mystified me, since it has been such a big deal in times past. But it also happens that I sometimes miss the mark in blogging what might interest me, but not correspond elsewhere…Read More

“Terrorism is to do with everything except Islam.”

There are two essential errors of thought that stand in the way of eradicating terrorism—or, simply relegating it to the back of the bus, as just part of the low-level, incidental evil that will probably always measurably unsettle humanity. The idea that’s it’s somehow not ideologically tied primarily to the religion of Islam. Hand wringing…Read More

Brigitte Gabriel: “The peaceful majority were irrelevant.”

“Those who know history are doomed to watch others repeat it.” Over and over, in less than 5 minutes, watch Brigitte Gabriel cite five documented historical references to explain why the peaceful majority were always irrelevant, utterly laying waste to the fucking bla-bla of some abjectly moronic law student in her fancy hijab. No need…Read More

The Walking Dead And The Metaphysics of ISIS

Further to my previous post, So Europe, Paris; America: What Now? there was part of the underlying idea that I set aside for later; i.e., for now. It’s a conflation of our ethics with their metaphysics. Recall from your general understanding of philosophy, if you have one, that the hierarchy flows from metaphysics (the study…Read More

So Europe, Paris; America: What Now?

When is enough enough, and it’s time to just let “God sort it out,” as they say? There is precedent. Amongst rolling my eyes all morning at everyone changing their Facebook profile photos to overlay the Tricolore, or The Eiffel Tower bastardized into a “peace” sign, I was looking for something that actually spoke some meaning…Read More

Dog Pile: I Must Rant About The Waa Waa Babies Of Yale, et al

Let’s begin with a distinction. In common Internet context, a written rant—a proper one—is something that minimally rests upon some rational foundation of commonly understood and generally accepted ideas or principles, those ideas and/or principles being disregarded or ignored, and the reasons for ridiculing a wanton disregard or ignorance of common sense or common propriety…Read More

Why Your Health Practitioner May Be Confused About Copper Overload

It’s another post by The Duck Dodgers, this in advance of a subsequent post that continues to explore the governmental policy of food enrichment or fortification in general, and iron in particular. As we prepare to explore how mineral imbalances exacerbated by iron fortification and/or high meat intakes may promote chronic disease and inflammtion, we…Read More

My uBiome Gut Test Results: How Well Does My Gut Function?

Out of the six uBiome gut samples I took before, during, and after a 12-day Elixa Probiotics (ElixaFTA.com) regimen (posts here, here, and here) I’ve received the results on five of them. One sample was damaged in shipment (the final test, 2 weeks from completing the course) and uBiome has sent a replacement. Still waiting…Read More