More Happy Holidays In Pics

I guess I’ll just pop up another picture theme post rather like the last one. Last Wednesday we left the river house in Guerneville, CA for a ranch house on 5 acres in the hills a few miles east of Placerville, CA to spend the Christmas with my brother’s family and parents. Here’s the view…Read More

Kinda Different Off Grid. Holiday River House.

Sorry. We’re in the midst of a week away…four nights here on the Russian River in Geurneville, CA, in a classic river house Beatrice found and rented on VRBO. I’ve intended to blog a dozen or more times since we arrived Saturday afternoon. There are good reasons I haven’t.Read More

Let’s Make No Mistake About What I Really Think About 7th-Century, Dirt-Scratching Savages AKA Muslims

I really don’t like having any part of my art and audacity of self-direction be in any way ambiguous. Of course, in areas I write about often, it’s not. People pretty much know where I stand, and to their credit, follow along with my forever-evolution; because where I stand, now, changes over time…like…evolution. We have minds, so…Read More

Endless Leftist Bullshit. Up To The Eyeballs and Beyond

I’ve been relatively quiet lately because in the immediate aftermath of San Bernardino and beyond, I’ve been watching the left get unraveled while exposing their core modus operandi to the astonishment, even, of plain salt-earth Democrats—to levels of amusement on my part I don’t ever recall seeing in my life. I’m not bright eyed, though. After…Read More

I’ve About Had It With Leftist Activist George Takei

I do like Officer Sulu, and I phrase it that way out out of a deep respect for him and his accomplishments. And, I appreciate a number of things he tries to do now. I overlook his gay activism because I get it; and usually, he’s not too untoward about such fringe, evolutionarily dead-end, who…Read More

Take A Vacation; Snowy Mountains or Cabo San Lucas

Time for another quarterly update. We all have to make a living and my principal one now, is putting people in great properties for lots of fun. Several readers have taken advantage, they’re welcome to tell you about it in comments if they choose. This is an email out to those who’ve inquired and booked…Read More