Last Post of 2015. My Big Blogging Focus Change for 2016: A Little Civilization; a Little Science

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve done more thinking than writing, since they’re mutually exclusive 🙂 What very little I spew has been primarily done on my Facebook profile. While it’s merely an outlet—a pressure relief-valve—ensuring that I don’t just litter this blog with each of a dozen outrages per day, it has proved somewhat useful. It helped me to flesh out fresh meat on land, and blood in the water. I am by nature…Read More

More Happy Holidays In Pics

I guess I’ll just pop up another picture theme post rather like the last one. Last Wednesday we left the river house in Guerneville, CA for a ranch house on 5 acres in the hills a few miles east of Placerville, CA to spend the Christmas with my brother’s family and parents. Here’s the view from the front porch, a nice little find via AirBNB. Now just some random stuff featuring last meal up in…Read More

Kinda Different Off Grid. Holiday River House.

Sorry. We’re in the midst of a week away…four nights here on the Russian River in Geurneville, CA, in a classic river house Beatrice found and rented on VRBO. I’ve intended to blog a dozen or more times since we arrived Saturday afternoon. There are good reasons I haven’t.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login Join…Read More

I was all ready to do a blog about what a waste Yale University is, but lots of genius interrupted me.

The eventual bog about this has to be right. I owe it. I’m submitting the proposition, for falsification, that I perhaps have the highest concentration of genius readers of my blog than most, or maybe anyone. It is confounded, and self-selected, so let’s get beyond those criticisms and chew on what it is, really, and why. It’s happening right now here, but you have to read the comments and click on their test results links.…Read More

A Minuscule, Less Than 1% of Earth Population Truly Understand What Makes America The Greatest

It was the very first establishment in the history of planet earth to attempt to submit the government to a moral code. Oh, I can hear the fucktards, already. I said moral code, not legal code.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login Join NowRead More

Anarchy Begins At Home, So It’s Not a Suicide Pact: Integrations on Preemptive Violence

I guess this is the day for blogging about comments. Those “ten followers” are really putting in overtime. Multiple accounts & all. Here’s Sean II, which I take to mean he has at least two accounts, so as to help me look more important than I really am. Richard, I’m still perplexed by the ambition of non-violence. In nature there are storms and there are calm seas. In the case of MLK and Mahatma Gandhi…Read More

Why The Left Must Be Destroyed As a Political and Social Ideology

Woke up to a question in comments this morning. Hear hear. My question is… Why? Why are governments letting potential terrorists in? Are they simply scared into it by not wanting to look racist on the international stage? Or is there money to be made somewhere along the line? Any thoughts? I replied: “Are they simply scared into it by not wanting to look racist on the international stage?” Rasist, misogynist, anti-multiculturalist, anti-socialist, anti-dependency, pro-white…Read More

There’s No Better Time To Proclaim That You’re a Culturist

After some years of batting it around in my head, bouncing it off folks here & there, I finally wrote a post about it just over 10 years ago (May 6, 2005). At base, its intent was to give people a legitimate means of reconciling thoughts and feelings that maybe seem racist—or just dis-preference of anyone not like them—but really aren’t. Deeply thinking people actually try to do this kind of shit, rather than just…Read More

Let’s Make No Mistake About What I Really Think About 7th-Century, Dirt-Scratching Savages AKA Muslims

I really don’t like having any part of my art and audacity of self-direction be in any way ambiguous. Of course, in areas I write about often, it’s not. People pretty much know where I stand, and to their credit, follow along with my forever-evolution; because where I stand, now, changes over time…like…evolution. We have minds, so we don’t have to wait the time for the glacial paces of nature. But there’s a pernicious undertone that I…Read More

The Lovely 70-yr-old Helen Mirren on Reflection and Regret

See, I told you: The Art and Audacity of Self-Direction. Why wait until you regret not just doing it? I’ve been telling people to fuck off regularly for 25 years and often enough, it’s even been friends and family. That’s not to say that it has always been justified, but I prefer to ere towards fuck off, because I hate having regret over not doing so when justified, even the next day, much less decades…Read More

Self-Deviation Here at Free The Animal: “The Art and Audacity of Self-Direction”

I suppose it’s in my blood and genes to do the same thing the same way for only so long. Substantially before I began blogging about paleo stuff, the whole saturated fat and cholesterol wars, dissing vegans and whatever else I could think of that interested me enough to write a bit about, I still blogged about lifestyle and “thoughtstyle,” in various ways, and always from the perspective of someone who’s self directed and loves…Read More

So America, When Are You Going to Kick That Trojan Horse Barry Obama In The Ass?

I had something far different in mind and hundreds of words in draft. When it gets trumped, it gets trumped. I’ll just post the whole damn thing, with apologies to HotAir. But do click on the original, click on an ad or too. I do something like this very rarely, but I scanned the background reportage and it’s legit. While we fight over Trump, France closes 3 mosques, finds hundreds of weapons The French have…Read More

Physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson Derails My Post About Barry Obama the Trojan Horse

It’s true. I have a post in draft about how our president is an unwitting Trojan Horse. Now, you’ll have to wait for my astute insight into that meta-meme I’m going to float. This got my boxers in a bunch: Instead of arguing about guns on Twitter, Neil deGrasse Tyson just laid out the numbers. As a world-famous scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson is known for his dispassionate embrace of cold, hard facts… …which makes him the…Read More

Endless Leftist Bullshit. Up To The Eyeballs and Beyond

I’ve been relatively quiet lately because in the immediate aftermath of San Bernardino and beyond, I’ve been watching the left get unraveled while exposing their core modus operandi to the astonishment, even, of plain salt-earth Democrats—to levels of amusement on my part I don’t ever recall seeing in my life. I’m not bright eyed, though. After all, the most disgusting, lying piece of shit in the entire history of American politics—that keeps turning up on the…Read More

Chef’s Choice 14-Course Tasting Dinner at Michael Mina, San Francisco

Alright, something to blog about that’s lot’s of fun and very life affirming; just like it should be most of the time. It’s too bad there’s so many distractions caused these days by people who literally don’t value this life and what’s possible in, and everywhere, around it. We celebrate nonetheless. This was a family event of 11, including my parents. My brother—with important business ties to one of the partners in the  Mina Group…Read More

I’ve About Had It With Leftist Activist George Takei

I do like Officer Sulu, and I phrase it that way out out of a deep respect for him and his accomplishments. And, I appreciate a number of things he tries to do now. I overlook his gay activism because I get it; and usually, he’s not too untoward about such fringe, evolutionarily dead-end, who fucking cares? behavior qua wholesome lifestyle. I do not begrudge anyone their preference in other people’s genitals or masculine/feminine mannerisms, but…Read More

How and Why I Changed My Position and Focus Towards US Immigration Policy

I’ve always been kind of an open borders guy. The ideal of it seems to have always precluded me from analyzing it closely, while by the same token, making it easy to dismiss even cautious arguments as xenophobic, racist, or both. In a nutshell, I’ve always held that the problem with immigrants—”legal” or otherwise—sucking from the social teat is a problem with the social teat, and not immigration per se. If there weren’t all these “free”…Read More

Take A Vacation; Snowy Mountains or Cabo San Lucas

Time for another quarterly update. We all have to make a living and my principal one now, is putting people in great properties for lots of fun. Several readers have taken advantage, they’re welcome to tell you about it in comments if they choose. This is an email out to those who’ve inquired and booked over the last few years—1,243, to be exact. ~~~ You’re receiving this email from me because at some point over…Read More