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There’s No Better Time To Proclaim That You’re a Culturist

After some years of batting it around in my head, bouncing it off folks here & there, I finally wrote a post about it just over 10 years ago (May 6, 2005). At base, its intent was to give people a legitimate means of reconciling thoughts and feelings that maybe seem racist—or just dis-preference of anyone not like them—but really aren’t. Deeply thinking people actually try to do this kind of shit, rather than just blather on about what everyone’s supposed to think and say.

I’ll give you the intro, then juxtapose it with some comments I’ve received lately. This is from 10 years ago, on this blog, in a post I titled Culturism. The intro.

Some years ago, I came up with that term (ask my wife), and according to Google and Merriam-Webster Online, it doesn’t exist as an English word. So, I’m claiming it and defining it; here and now.

What I mean by it is:

Culturism: 1. The judging of one or more cultures as superior to one or more other cultures; 2. The establishment of a hierarchy of moral standing from ideal to evil with respect to human cultures.

It’s nothing like the prejudgment inherent in racismculture does not depend on race. A person of any race can be born into any culture, but can later leave and adopt any other culture.

Here’s some comments I got on a post from a few days ago: Let’s Make No Mistake About What I Really Think About 7th-Century, Dirt-Scratching Savages AKA Muslims.

John says:
December 12, 2015 at 15:20

Fucking asshole. I hope they find you and rape you before cutting your head off.

TheJeebus says:
December 13, 2015 at 12:46

Adding two paragraphs at the end does not absolve you from the despicable garbage you wrote.

I’m not sure what’s worse, your genocidal ramblings or your utter lack of rational analysis.

Gabriele Nesta says:
December 14, 2015 at 09:44(Edit)

As a very casual observer of this site since it was first used to explain the paleo lifestyle, i just have to wonder out loud, having read so many angry outbursts here…….does this “paleo” diet (or whatever it is you follow) actually bring about this extremely hostile, negative, and insulting attitude and behavior? Something is wrong with a person who is compelled to ramble on and on about his personal beliefs, no matter how offensive or irrelevant, and then bash, with the most crude and vulgar language possible, anyone who disagrees. I haven’t been here in months and see that things have even gotten worse! I suggest an introspective look into WHAT exactly is making you so angry, rude and unhappy in your life. Few people care about your politics, especially when expressed with such vitriol and narrow-mindedness.

My reply:

Richard Nikoley
December 14, 2015 at 10:00

Gabrielle, you’re just a typical, stupid cunt who doesn’t think for herself, “thinks” she’s making a point by typing what any quotidian fucktard would type so most people go “yea, just what I was ‘thinking.’” You’re simply too ignorant and stupid to come to the realization and grip of your own indoctrination that has made you such a fucking bore in your one shot at a human life.

It “proves” her point. Don’t all morons say that? It’s like Moron Rule #1:

Gabriele Nesta says:
December 14, 2015 at 10:28

You just proved my whole point. Something is wrong in your head. I would match my education with yours any day. You spew anger and hatred and your little groupies just lap it up. Look into your private life to see who or what is making you so miserable and then perhaps look into your diet, as you are obviously missing some vital nutrients. Either way, you have some serious shortcomings. That kind of psychotic anger is not healthy.

Anyway, I have invited her to pit her actuall brain power against mine in an actual fucking hard test, were average is about 30% correct answers.

Richard Nikoley says:
December 15, 2015 at 07:49

BTW, Gabriele:

Feel free to take the test and post the results (it’s most of the way down the post). With all that educatin’ I’m sure you’ll do just fine.

So…a little confession to make. That first comment, by John? I put him up to it via Facebook. Want more interesting? He is the one single person I know and know of, who did better than me in that crazy hard test way down in that link above. Whereas, I’m 98.5 percentile, he’s about 99.5.

Understand, there is not a word in all 36 questions. It’s a true brain test and you can’t game it. It’s all patterns. Geometry, and even squiggly shapes for those who grew up with no straight lines. It tests your ability to figure out fucking hard patterns, connections, relationships. Which basically describes my blogging all these years. I see patters, connect dots, synthesize—and when it conflicts with what the other 98.5% “think,” it’s a post I’ll be proud of, because there’s nothing better than irritating 98.5% of people.

I think John struck just the right cord, to give a couple of regurgitating fucktards confidence to come out, knowing that there was at least someone else in my comments as reflexive as they, over hearing things most people are afraid to utter— even if they think or feel them. Stupid people, above all, take comfort in knowing that other stupid people are milling about.

…OK, here’s the rest of the 10-yr-old, unedited post about culturism, a dot I connected 13-15 years ago, blogged about 10 years ago, and billions of fucktards screaming “racism,” “hate,” and whatnot, haven’t even thought a second about any critical distinctions ever, and because most people are always caught up in what everyone else is “thinking” and uttering, so that they can pretend to be as smart as everyone else is pretending to be.

Unedited from 10 years ago, but you’ll know its wide application given current events, automatically:

Therefore, I can proclaim unabashedly that I am a “culturist.” That is, having lived in both Asian and European cultures for significant time, and having experienced all other mainstream cultures in my world travels, I judge that all cultures on Earth are to varying degrees inferior to the idealized American culture (according to my standard of value, which is conscious human life). Moreover, I judge some cultures to be predominantly evil, such as certain Middle-Eastern sub-cultures. I wouldn’t classify the greater Arab culture to be evil, but I would classify it as generally ignorant and primitive. The American ghetto sub-culture, populated predominantly by blacks, is stupid and self-destructive — through and through. The American redneck sub-culture is ignorant and trashy.

Consequently, I bear a certain prejudice (to varying degrees) against any adherent to any culture that’s not idealized American, including irrational American sub-cultures. This can vary from a simple air of superiority to outright disgust and hatred. But, as I said, anyone can at any time escape one culture and adopt another, so my prejudgment here is not based on anything that a person can’t change. That’s a critical distinction.

Another important identification is that it’s utter rot to suggest that race determines culture or that a person can’t escape the cuture into which he’s born and raised. This is just a way of making excuses when a person’s culture is toxic, idiotic, or evil. “Hey, man, your culture’s fucking stupid. If you’re not stupid, then do something about it.”

All that said, it’s important to point out that I do also appreciate cultural diversity. There’s a lot I love about Asian culture. I enjoyed living in France and traveling around Europe. After all, those are my roots. My wife is of Hispanic origin, and though her family is far more American than Mexican, I enjoy a lot of the diversity they’ve retained.

And, in fact, that’s what makes American culture the best culture. It’s capable of absorbing the best from all other cultures. In so doing, American culture is, on the whole, far greater than the sum of its constituent elements. It’s also why people from the world over want to come here. It’s not just the dream. It’s that the dream is part of an idealized culture, a culture big enough to absorb everything good.

I bring up this bit about culture now because Thomas Sowell (a black man and an intellectual) has an interesting theory about culture. Go read his article summarizing his new book about how modern Black sub-culture is a direct descendant of ignorant American redneck sub-culture.

I’ll add a tidbit here I didn’t in the original post. When I was First Lieutenant on USS REEVES (that’s the deck boss), I had 65 seamen without the skills for any technical or mechanical rating, so they’re all basically “deck monkeys.” And half of them were hip-hoppers and half rednecks, which is why Sowell’s piece really resonated with me at the time. I’ll add: I really loved those people. It was perhaps the biggest and most rewarding challenge in human management in my life. Someday, I’ll write about the blackest of black and the reddest of neck crying crocodile tears in my office, which was a knife to my heart.

…Now, I’ll put this just-now vid of Pat Condell up, again. Do note how he remarks about how bad it is, now days, for any white person to actually like his own culture and wish to preserve it.

And check this out because so many of you are so very fucking pathetically stupid: Milo Yiannopoulos: Silicon Valley Elites Speak Highly of Donald Trump, But Only In Private. Shit like that is the direct result of your refusal and now, inability, to think for yourself.

War is coming. And, I predict this will be the last time someone who celebrates an inferior culture occupies the White House, until this stage of history has been forgotten. Read and chew on that italicized part again, and over and over, because it’s #1 the absolute truth and #2 makes him resoundingly the worst president in American history by negative exponents.

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