The Prime Rib French Dip Sandwich

The day-after French Dip Sandwich is to your Christmas Prime Rib what the day-after Turkey Sandwich is to your Thanksgiving Bird. There are three essential elements and you have to get all three right. Prime Rib cooked medium rare Crusty bread, sweet or sour per preference, lightly buttered and grilled Beef broth (au jus) reduced…Read More

Elixa Gut Health Video Series — Episode 1

Karl Seddon, creator and manufacturer of Elixa Probiotic is creating a multi-part educational video series about gut health, designed to be accessible to anyone. Here’s episode 1, and I’ll be posting them as they come available. Learn more about gut health and dysbiosis today. And if you want to try Elixa Probiotic for yourself, you…Read More

Elixa Probiotic Version 3.0 Now Available

by Karl Seddon, Elixa Probiotic’s developer and sole manufacturer I have very recently launched Elixa Probiotic V3 after extensive early user trials and feedback. The early results for V3 have been extremely positive and a succinct way to summarize them—for people familiar with Elixa—is that this is an improvement upon both V1 and V2 combined.…Read More

Loose Ends: Holiday Vacation Update

Saw that this morning. Pretty much always that way with me and this blog is pretty clear evidence over the 13 years I’ve been writing it. …And this is why I haven’t posted hardly at all since the election. I’m generally uninterested, though I poke fun and deride leftists here and there on Facebook as…Read More

Anti-Vaxx: I Keep Crazy Hours

You would never be able to predict when I’m asleep or awake. Some days, I’ll get my sleep from mid-afternoon until early evening and then be up all night. I scoff at all the “circadian rhythm” stuff people now tout—they, having gotten bored with food…but still feel a need to assert that you can’t possibly…Read More

I’m Going to Expose All Anti-Vaxxers As Typically Wrong

For as long as I knew it was a thing, I have steered clear. Why? Because my visceral sense is the same visceral sense I get when I’m exposed to 9/11 Truthers, Apollo 11 Deniers, Superfood Purveyors, Alien Abduction and Visitors Conspiracists, and the whole damn collection of tin-foil-hat organisms pretending to be rational humans.…Read More

The Thanksgiving Deal 2016

First time in years we’ve had the feast up here at my place in Arnold, at 4,200 feet of elevation. The first snow of the spring is imminent. Folks arrived Wednesday, and just departed. Beatrice is down in the Bay Area with her peeps and now I’m home alone again—excepting the three furry creature organisms pretending…Read More

A Brief Update On Chilling Out

I might write a long post on this in the next few days. I might not, and just proceed forward with various things not involving politics. Since the election results recently, I have become quite “chill” with life and have been enjoying the feeling. Had no idea how much the last year had affected me…Read More

2016 Election: Rush To The End

Back in the last couple of days of 2008 I was up here at the cabin in Arnold, tons of family were around, it was the holidays. I decided to do a one-dozen-post blog marathon in a day (you can pull it up in archives). I picked this song to blog, as my final post,…Read More

Election 2016: La Villa Strangioto

It only just came to me. Plausible. The Strangest shit any of us have lived through in a lifetime. Take it easy. Listen, refrain, learn, and have some fun and laughs. These are interesting times. Don’t miss the essence.Read More

Rush To Lessons

I woke up today completely unaware I was going to have another day of substantial reflection. I’ve been having a lot of those, lately. This political process over the last year seems to have changed me in ways that shock me as profound, behind my back, and I still don’t have an adequate self-reflective take…Read More

Thanks For The Bottom Blow, Mr. Trump

This politics over the last week has resurrected a memory. When I became a Navy officer in 1984, the Navy was in transition from steam power to gas turbine for ships, discounting the nukes—which only makes economic sense for aircraft carriers and submarines, now. My ships were steam, but Jaguar steam—to borrow a metaphor from…Read More

Why and How Trump Won

There are many elements to it, with general popularity not ever being one of them. In fact, popularity was the biggest blind spot of the left, completely disregarding time, context, and circumstance. Trump was extremely unpopular and he understood that and simply integrated it strategically and tactically. In fact, this is how unpopular: I had…Read More

Election Day: Not George Carlin This Time

Desperate times call for desperate measures. Like, voting, perhaps? Usually, on any given election day, I put up my stock George Carlin vid on voting. Been doing it for years. Up to now, there was never a dime’s worth of difference. That’s not true, this time. The contrast is more stark than in any election…Read More