Bibi Wilhailm: “Men of Germany, please, patrol the streets and protect us. Do this for your women and your children.”

That was an impassioned plea from a 16-year-old German girl. Bibi Wilhailm. Does that sound like a claim to entitlement to you; or rather, an invocation, a reminder of how things just ultimately are in terms of biological reality? How come she’s not pleading to Angela Merkel? How about the head of the EU, the UN,...…Read More

Away thinking, reading, thinking more

Went away for the weekend down to Cambria, California, at the vacation home of friends, five miles south from where William Randolph Hearst gave it his best shot at monumental meaning in a west coast ranch-y setting. We did one of the tours yesterday afternoon. About 43 years ago, I toured the property as a...…Read More

Did You Notice Who The Muslim Menace Just Executed?

Let me give you a hint. “…was deeply influenced by Arab astrology, Neoplatonism, Renaissance Hermeticism, and legends surrounding the Egyptian god Thoth.” Any clue? No? Then how about this? “…went even further than the [] Copernican model.” Zip? Nada? Try this, then, the golden clue. “He also insisted that the universe is in fact infinite and could...…Read More It’s “Mr. Wonderful”

There’s zero doubt amongst anyone who’s read this bog—that goes back a dozen years with an average of a post per day—that at heart, I’m an iconoclast curmudgeon with little good to say about anything anyone does, except for myself. Still, I always long for coming up roses; but, it’s so hard to find. When I...…Read More

On The Distinction Counter Conflation Of Western Elightenment vs. 7th Century Rapists, unchanged in 1,400 Years

Commenter Amy: The things I listed are not “ideals”. They are the VALUES that modern Western Civ was built on. They basically came out of the Reformation and then the Enlightenment after Christians decided that the Divine Right of Kings and the excesses of the Catholic Church were a steaming pile of shit foisted on...…Read More

Islamist Men: Virgin –> Rapist –> Gay

Just thinking out loud, integrating wider from my virgin until rapist meme. (Haven’t found an embed code, so feel free to drop in comments and I’ll put it up.) Theses are the times that try mens’ souls….to ridicule and dehumanize.... This content is for Annual Subscription, Monthly Subscription, and Free Member Content members only and…Read More

One Picture Depicting the Uncivilized, Wantonly Ungentlemanly Trough of Pig Vomit Islam Is

What a contrast from the immigrants—the huddled, poor, tired masses—of old. You are being stupid. Here’s what I’ll go for: Carte Blanche for all women and their dependent children. And fuck all those virgin-until-rapist males. Donald Trump. Are you listening? There would be a very cool way to send the media into another crazy frenzy....…Read More

Tim Steele Vegetable Pharm Wisdom

Just popped over to Tim’s place (you remember ‘Tatertot,’ right?) to catch up and had to share these three bits of wisdom, which I agree with wholeheartedly: Gut Microbiome – I have been quite disappointed that the research and discussion still revolves around identifying the bacteria responsible for different diseases and less emphasis is placed...…Read More