Laf and Laf and Laf with Pat Condell. Cry Too.

He’s on a damn roll, and I lafed more the 2nd time. This one ought make every white, red-blooded man look for the sharpened sword. What kind of life would we have, gentlemen, if we never had the enormous pleasure of wowing the women we decided we couldn’t do without. Goat fucker and women rapist…Read More

Away thinking, reading, thinking more

Went away for the weekend down to Cambria, California, at the vacation home of friends, five miles south from where William Randolph Hearst gave it his best shot at monumental meaning in a west coast ranch-y setting. We did one of the tours yesterday afternoon. About 43 years ago, I toured the property as a…Read More

Did You Notice Who The Muslim Menace Just Executed?

Let me give you a hint. “…was deeply influenced by Arab astrology, Neoplatonism, Renaissance Hermeticism, and legends surrounding the Egyptian god Thoth.” Any clue? No? Then how about this? “…went even further than the [] Copernican model.” Zip? Nada? Try this, then, the golden clue. “He also insisted that the universe is in fact infinite and could…Read More It’s “Mr. Wonderful”

There’s zero doubt amongst anyone who’s read this bog—that goes back a dozen years with an average of a post per day—that at heart, I’m an iconoclast curmudgeon with little good to say about anything anyone does, except for myself. Still, I always long for coming up roses; but, it’s so hard to find. When I…Read More

Tim Steele Vegetable Pharm Wisdom

Just popped over to Tim’s place (you remember ‘Tatertot,’ right?) to catch up and had to share these three bits of wisdom, which I agree with wholeheartedly: Gut Microbiome – I have been quite disappointed that the research and discussion still revolves around identifying the bacteria responsible for different diseases and less emphasis is placed…Read More

Let’s Start The New Year Right. With Food.

Those who’ve been around for years recall some of the more elaborate stuff I used to do. I haven’t managed to get a lot up on Pinterest (a project that’s a few minutes here, a few there), but a good bit so far, including some fairly creative though simple stuff. Remember when KFC came out…Read More

The Important Science of Probiotics Revisited

Most people who have been paying attention to the important and rapidly emerging science of the human gut microbiome (see draft Chapter 1 of my book here for a primer on its enormity: The Great Gut Bug Book, Chapter 1: Meet The Whole You) have some understanding the the role diet plays, and beyond that,…Read More