Will The Muslim Menace Wake Up Western Europe?

“I studied the Koran a great deal. I came away from that study with the conviction there have been few religions in the world as deadly to men as that of Muhammad. So far as I can see, it is the principal cause of the decadence so visible today in the Muslim world and, though less absurd than the polytheism of old, its social and political tendencies are in my opinion to be feared, and I therefore regard it as a form of decadence rather than a form of progress in relation to paganism itself.” — Alexis de Tocqueville (Letter to Arthur de Gobineau, 22 October 1843)

Seeing an awakening enlightenment of Western Europe has pretty much been my principle obsession for weeks, to the exclusion of a lot else, including personal hygiene. On the heels of this post last week, I don’t think I’ve had such a volume of communique action from over there. I like them all, but some folks really know how to grab my attention.


France resident Karl is prepared

I know he’d prefer guns because he told me so, but that’s not allowed; so, he’s left to create something of almost caricature value. But, juxtapose that 59 year-old-man who’d make front-page news protecting his daughters, with those adolescent Muslim wankers in their Ninja masks, always grouped together like a bunch of ants or bees. Or, the ones in Germany who come 1,000 strong, in order to molest a couple of hundred women—pretending to act courageously, on a set of values and principles (domination and rape).

It’s a juxtaposition between punk animals, and men. It’s a contrast between primitive superstitious rage, and enlightened self control. It’s the difference between unbridled danger in the male gender of the species, and civilized gentlemanliness—cultured over centuries by reason, logic, art, literature, and jurisprudence.

I think that’s about all I have to say right now. So far, signs are good. Sweden is fed up enough to start deporting, and Swedish men just beat the shit out of people who look Muslim (this is a natural consequence). Frenchmen beat the shit out of a bunch of Muslim squealing girls the other night, who appeared to look male.

There’s too much going on to catalogue here, nor do I care to. Right now, the top social media item in America is that there’s a fat version of Barbie, so that lean young girls can understand what their poor fat mothers are going through, or something. Or it makes feminists happy, so they can turn their attentions away from the uncomforting realities of actual rape in a multicultural, “progressive” progression.

Or, they’re just all fucktarded stupid and any distraction from that obvious conclusion will do.

…Oh, BTW, glad Al Gore was wrong about climate doomsday, on my 55th birthday. Shit, would have been just awful to miss that, though doomsday is always a close second to birthday, for me. Not to worry, though. The renowned geologist and climate scientist, Prince Charles of his Queen and Mother’s Court, has extended the deadline out 35 years—perhaps to be assured he’ll be dead and won’t have to keep facing the ridicule.

Alright, is that enough?

Richard Nikoley

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  1. Amy on February 2, 2016 at 14:02

    Karl’s pretty hot. Thanks for posting. 🙂

    • Richard Nikoley on February 2, 2016 at 14:38

      Well, from a man’s point of view, I wish I had those meat hooks, instead of pianist hands.

      • Amy on February 4, 2016 at 07:48

        “Pianist hands” very hot, too. Kelsey Grammar and Health Ledger have/had some of the sexiest hands around. Don’t sell ’em short.

      • Karl on February 4, 2016 at 11:32

        Tried piano , settled for drums.

    • Karl on February 4, 2016 at 09:59

      I am too old for that sort of compliment, but.. I’m lying 😉 Yes, i imagine myself being all the rage in the retirement home soon. ( poor nurses, I guarantee)

      Actually this pic was for my sons, under-titled” a few more forests and I will be in shape again”. Winter is baad, always brings on extra kilos…

      Anyway, we were talking about islamists, right? Well virtually everyone I know agrees with the gravity of the problem and the urgence to do something about it. NO NON MUSLIM goes to the dilapidated, once very pitoresque village centres , so many of them in beautiful South France taken over by the silent muslim majority to drink coffee. Unless you crave to get instructed in the koran, because you’re open for religious nuttiness or perhaps secretely wish for your husband to wear a long beard or for your wife to wear a burka and prepare your kids for hate against anything not-muslim.

      Yet, for all I’m sure that in Europe there is a vast majority that does not want them, nothing is done by our “leaders” . It is always and everywhere the same; the silent majority DOES NOT COUNT. The silent muslim majority will sit back and watch their slightly more violent “brothers” do the work. It will still be the work of Allah. So be it.

      And in Europe, the “good meaning” and silent majority, feeling abused and wishing to be left alone, still hoping that it will all be ok some time, DO NOT COUNT. Politicians like Schmerkel and Sause Hollandaise, unfortunately, in a system, count, decide and think about voters to keep them in power. More unfortunately, they are not in phase with the events, but merely react, mostly much too late to what lives among their cattle, euh, voters.

      That is why the Le Pens, another clan of fascist nitwits , and their likes in Europe, will soon actually have a chance to become the herders of the silent flock. They may help a bit with the muslim menace, but along with that freedom will suffer greatly.

      We don’t want to be Chamberlains nor Hitlers. We want to be Richard, Amy and Karl.

      • Anna on February 5, 2016 at 10:53

        I clearly get your drift, Karl. But from one west european to another, you have to admit that Frenchmen in general, those from the south in particular, are quite hostile to foreigners – not to say xenophobic. So maybe your just the tiniest bit biased, who knows.
        Or maybe the europe you live in is a different one, that the one right where I’m sitting.

      • Karl on February 6, 2016 at 02:09

        I don’t see more xenophobia here than in any other country I lived in, though I don’t have a xenophobia meter. China seemed to be worse.

    • Karl on March 22, 2016 at 13:40

      Now Brussels again. Abdeslam was able to hide for months a few hundred meters from where he originated. All these good and kind muslim community members have been turning a blind eye, or actively helped to cover for a mass murderer. Then, when the police purely by accident stumbled on him (hope they apologized to the offended muslims who shouted to police they had nothing to do in “their” hood), hell breaks loose.
      Can we please forget niceties and CLEAN MOLENBEEK up???

    • Richard Nikoley on March 22, 2016 at 18:17

      Let me make something very clear. I am done with, in no particular order:

      Women victims
      Any popularlized victims

      Yes, blacks, now that our favorite African, champion of endemic kleptocracies, has gone down to a 3rd world former Soviet island puppet state to apologize for the sins of non-Africa.

      It’s enough to make John Fitzgerald Kennedy roll in grave.

  2. Mark Amberdow on February 4, 2016 at 04:32

    This all from a man who repeatedly has called women “cunts,” refers to God as “dog,” and was chased out of Mexico like a coward who couldn’t stand his ground. I enjoyed your posts about resistant starch, Richard, but I think the potatoes have turned your brain to mush. It’s quite something to see such a monumental meltdown, but I’m saddened to see it laced with such hate. You’re cherry picking events to support a set of claims that are intellectually dishonest. If you’re afraid of religious radicalism taking over America, you have more to fear from the Republican party than you do from the far-better-than-average-educated American Muslims. But, no, you prefer bigoted cheap shots. Pure, a priori hatred masked as “awareness.” Like a coward you hide behind a climate of hysteria that has made saying these things acceptable. And if my educated, gentle, American Muslim friends suffer physical harm because of deluded, unhinged hatemongers like you, I’ll come find you in San Jose for a little heart-to-heart discussion.

    • Amy on February 4, 2016 at 08:03

      “Like a coward you hide behind a climate of hysteria that has made saying these things acceptable. ”

      UMMMM….last I checked, Richard was living in the United States of America. The place where citizens are guaranteed by law their self-evident right to say pretty much whatever they want, no matter what PC-kowtowing, pusillanimous little turd doesn’t agree with it.

      IMO cunt can be effectively used as an insult on either sex, and Mark, you’re one. Plus, you’re so unoriginal in your arguments it’s a little embarrassing.

    • Karl on February 4, 2016 at 10:35

      “And if my educated, gentle, American Muslim friends suffer physical harm because of deluded, unhinged hatemongers like you, …”

      OH NO! Do you mean, these poor people could get hurt, like while we are trying to defend ourselves from delusional believers in a story in an old and vicious book that tells the believers to kill all of us, non-delusionals? I am so sorry, off course they can continue to send their brothers and sisters to attack us in the most cowardly and vicious ways possible, while they stand at the sidelines and wait for allah to seal the faith.

      Next time you meet one of your kind muslim brothers (be fast before one of his kids blows himself up for allah) ask him how he is going to protect my family from his brothers, now in Sirya, but grown up with my kids, speaking the same dialect, threathening in a video to cut off all of our throats or other such pleasantry? To specify, it was Antwerp dialect, verify.

      Why does Mohammed, and his sisters, that grew up with me, like just all the other kids, playing football and steeling kisses on the square (in my case with the girls) now runs past me, woman behind, veiled? Sudden inspiration by allah (its not even in the koran), or perhaps some vicious indoctrination, with a bit social pressure?

      Finally, always true; ” Science too difficult for you? Try religion!” I once had to listen to a Saudi customer for 2 days ranting on about his superior belief, why for example he could not eat food prepared by Chinese women, but would do with food prepared by Christian women, because they were just a bit wrong about the prophet being Jesus instead of euh, the other guy.

      Good luck arguing with your educated islam friends, and see you in the mosque! (them, not me)

      • Karl on February 4, 2016 at 10:42

        BTW , no contract and I quit the bizz. France! Fuck you money!

      • Anna on February 5, 2016 at 11:03

        “OH NO! Do you mean, these poor people could get hurt, like while we are trying to defend ourselves from delusional believers in a story in an old and vicious book that tells the believers to kill all of us, non-delusionals?”

        Jeez, that’s ridiculous.

        And I have to agree with Mark for the most part, even though I would have used slightly different language. Richard, you shouldn’t talk about stuff you obviously have no idea about.

        But well, it’s your blog. Thank god for the internet, indeed. Every moron’s stage.

        Thank god for the internet.

      • Richard Nikoley on February 5, 2016 at 15:15

        Hey Anna, you stupid fucking cunt, tell that to the German women on NYE in Coln.

        Fuck off, you stinky cunt.

    • Richard Nikoley on February 4, 2016 at 13:43

      Laf Mark.

      Well, since I’ve been attending to other matters, including drafting a post about a post of Mike Eades, looks like your sycodouche leftist bullshit has already been adequately dealt with.

      Look, your pussy just hurts because your leftist narrative is crashing down all around you in real time and based on real events, and since you don’t know how to think for yourself—instead of being the typical leftist 2nd hander, mostly concerned with what others “think”—you have nothing to say but lash out with a slew of generalizations.

      …All toped off with a threat of physical violence.

    • LaFrite on February 5, 2016 at 01:11

      LOL! Nice trolling Mark!

  3. Waltermcc on February 4, 2016 at 05:20


    Richard’s short paragraph (It’s a juxtaposition …) was one of the best and most concise summaries of Islam versus Western culture.

    The Republican menace. My goodness. You better vote this November.

  4. Amy on February 4, 2016 at 09:01

    And this is what happens when PC-kowtowing turds are the ones doing the governing and policing:

    If the actual leaders and police were doing their jobs, these yobs wouldn’t be getting any traction at all.

    But I’ll tell ya, if Europe ever wakes up to its ancestral inner Viking again, look out.

    • Doug on February 4, 2016 at 10:16

      Amy, that was the craziest article I have read in a while….yikes. If at least 20% of the population lives in fear (both sides), then this is going to get ugly in Europe.

      • Amy on February 4, 2016 at 13:48

        Yeah, the hell of it is the whole world seems to now have this idea that White European types are wimps and wussies and they can just run over us. But we’re *not*. We’ve almost civilized ourselves into ridiculousness, but there’s a reason we basically were able to take over the whole damn world for the last 1000 years, and that’s because besides being resourceful and intelligent, at our core we’re tough and savage. Perhaps more savage than average (I’m a poet, ha), possibly because of the climatically harsh evolutionary environment of the Northern Hemisphere.

        Anyway, poking the sleeping bear is never smart. It’s probably not the best thing for that savagery to have a reason to come to the fore again. The article above being a good illustration of that. The less bright types will give in to the savagery first, because as Karl noted, they’re always just looking for an excuse. But under the right duress the best of men can and will give in to it, as well. Also the women. Nobody wants that to happen.

  5. Karl on February 4, 2016 at 09:29

    Nobody in his right mind would want these thugs to start “solving” the problems our politicians pass around like a hot shit.

    That is another result of the muslim menace. The “maybe a bit less bright” part of our society discovering a target for their ever present violence.

    We don’t want nitwit nazis to replace religious fanatics. We want all fanatics out, be it religious, political leftists or feminists.

    • Amy on February 4, 2016 at 09:44

      Hear, hear!

      Karl, are you the hottie in the picture? 😉

      • Karl on February 4, 2016 at 10:51

        Hey come on, this is no dating site. But off course I’m the handsome guy in the pic.

        This is it though, my wife is Manchu, I once had a problem with a decoration crew making noise at any hour in the apartment below ours in Shanghai. Went down to tell them the truth at 5 in the morning. Wife jumped in before me and grabbed the foreman by his throath, in the end leaving me trying to keep her from hurting him badly. Just warning ;_)

      • Amy on February 4, 2016 at 13:23

        Karl, LMAO. 🙂

        Not trolling, truly. Just complimenting. I likes to look at me some old man beefcake. 😉

        Tell your wife to keep giving them hell, too. She sounds like a good friend to have.

  6. LaFrite on February 5, 2016 at 02:02

    Salut Karl,

    Tu vis dans le sud de la France apparemment. Il y a plein de “cousins” là-bas. J’espère qu’ils ne vont pas foutre la merde …

    • Karl on February 6, 2016 at 14:20

      Les circonstances changent encore plus vite que je l’imaginais. “Ils” ont d’autres soucis. Si la Police et autres forces, qui sont en majorité contre, puisque c’est eux qui sont confrontés avec ces voyoux tous les jours, retrouve la solidarité avec les gens dans la rue, ils seront en défensif. Et en France maintenant, ça commence… et ailleurs aussi.

  7. Raynote on February 5, 2016 at 08:32

    I have a feeling that men in Corsica are prepared too! Recently a muslim butcher’s shop was machine-gunned in south Corsica.

    • Richard Nikoley on February 5, 2016 at 09:17

      When I was navigator on Duquesne, we had a 3-day stop in Corse, and four of us bugged out for the whole time.

      I rented a Jeep Wrangler and we set out and literally crisscrossed the whole thing. High moutains and sea shores, and we even attempted a dirt-road & trial crossing, about midway north-south, west coast to east coast, but got turned back in the last third because of fallen trees, impassible on either side.

      Throughout the trip, when in rural areas, men walking about en chasse, with their hunting rifles, were ubiquitous.

      Loved that place, the people, the food, the breathtaking views from high to low.

  8. Mark Amberdow on February 5, 2016 at 11:34

    Ladies and gentleman,

    Have you people lost your bearings? I understand that the internet = hiding behind anonymity (I at least have begrudging “respect” for Richard for posting his picture and identity, and for publishing my comment) – but you people spewing pure venom. My goodness.

    Richard – re: “physical violence” – LOL. No, when I said a “conversation” I meant just that. No code there.

    But the feigned hurt / concern / comment is a propos coming from someone using his platform to post a picture of a clown holding a hatchet, and Amy – your friend in the comments section who seems turned on by a man ready to commit violence. How many takes, Karl, before you found “just the right” picture? Some self-reflection, guys.

    Petty issues aside, moving along: Are there people who call themselves Muslim that are doing horrendous things? OF COURSE. On one hand, understanding why is useful, on the other hand, it almost doesn’t matter – those that live should be treated as criminals and prosecuted accordingly.

    But to single out ALL Muslims (or Sam Harris-style, “not Muslims per se, but Islam”) is, again, intellectually dishonest. More people killed in qualitatively worse ways from all the secular “isms” that have had their glory day. Every religion (except explicitly pacifist ones like Jainism) have all had violent men and women affiliate themselves. If you don’t like Islam because you grew up associating it with “brown people living in the desert,” then be honest enough to admit that your venom is visceral, not intellectual.

    I much prefer a full-blown skinhead spewing his hatred over fellow MENSA members (there seem to be a few here) acting like potty-mouthed 3rd graders trying to obfuscate the source of their prejudice.

    There are more Muslim and Jewish doctors per capita in the US than any other religious or cultural group. Square this away with your “Muslim menace” meme, and you run up against some obstacles. Such as reality.

    Look, I’m a physician and cancer researcher, and I’m telling you that of my colleagues, these are some of the kindest, most thoughtful friends I’ve ever had. I don’t agree with all of their beliefs on God, etc., but then again I don’t see eye to eye with my Buddhist colleagues, nor even my secular, libertarian friends.

    That’s called the real world. We agree on some things, disagree on others. My Muslim friends have been the MOST outspoken about the things happening on the other side of the world. They are as horrified as we are, but they are familiar enough with their faith to understand the difference between a crazy (or desperate, or both) individual doing something terrible because that person is terrible to begin with versus someone who deduces from first principles that killing innocents it the correct thing to do. The latter is an outlier, the exception, and the former is the rule.

    Every single one of my colleagues would happily treat you or your loved ones if you were sick. Why are you contributing to their demonization?

    Before you whip out your witty reply and ad hominem, reflect on some of the above. Don’t let this be an echo chamber for hate. It’s facile and reductive to seek out sources (even primary sources) that confirm your starting biases. But, as you like to point out Richard, those pesky conflating evidences are lurking nearby.

    Stop googling authors and sources that confirm “those brown people are bad,” and realize that everything from the math we use, to the study of philosophy we enjoy, were respected, transmitted, and enhanced by the “Muslim menace.”

    If nothing else, I can guarantee that between every Muslim friend I have and Karl, only Karl is holding a hatchet.


    • Richard Nikoley on February 5, 2016 at 15:20

      Mark, you are a vagina. By that, I mean a vagina in a vat.

      It’s not connected to a brain or any other inputs such as tactile sense, smell, sight, touch. Its disposition is not governed by an integrating mind, values, love or lust.

      It’s just a vagina, and thus per se, needs to be warm, moist, and pampered.

    • Karl on February 5, 2016 at 23:22

      Mark. The hatchet, as you can clearly see,is for chopping wood. I am not a violent man and will never be if not necessary. Your insinuation about brown people from the desert are yours. Shameful and very progressive to immediately try to make this a race issue. In this age any religion is stupid and they are the instruments of hate against others.
      It’ s just that , maybe you read the news lately? And Cologne was not the only case. Then to watch nice, friendly, educated boys that your children grew up with appear in ISIS videos, gives one a different perspective.
      And MY main concern is not even the chance to become a victim of terror, which is still small, ( and a hatchet would do little against it )but a fierce extreme reaction, bringing our society back to darker ages.

    • Karl on February 6, 2016 at 03:26

      Just in the news; the latest ISIS video threat against France was made by a Portuguese. So what’s the common denominator here? Being Portuguese? Brown people from the desert, as YOU call them?
      You are missing the whole point here. Religion has no more place in this world. People like Dawkins, Hitchens, Dennett, Tyson de Grasse, and in a much funnier way the Monthy Python crew have made the arguments and to me it is clear ANY religion is a danger to mankind, as has been proven over and over again. To believe that religion can somehow be pacified for ever is naive. And today we are faced by a violent islam, maybe tomorrow by violent buddhism (as in some parts of Asia already). Islam has conquered vast parts of the world in the past, and the recent developments show a nostalgia for that period. Many people have contributed to science and human development, luckily DESPITE their believes, if they truly believed at all. (See Richards post about Bruno)
      Nowadays either you are politically correct and nuance everything, like you do, or you are an extremist from either side, then all is OK, because understandable and comfrotable or too dangerous to confront. But if you refuse to be one of either and think for yourself, suddenly you have to be attacked and corrected.
      Do you honestly think that a “caricatural” pic, as Richard called it, and that basically says,” I’m still standing”, would do more harm than, lets say Homeland or 24, series that go around the world and where people can see that torture solves most problems? Or the endless stream of atrocities in their name now all over the world?
      If you think I’m an easy target for your false insinuations and not willing to think about the real causes of the present situation, then yes, you are a pussy.

    • Amy on February 6, 2016 at 07:20

      Actually, I kind of agree with LaFrite. I think Mark is just trolling. Hit the ignore button.

    • Richard Nikoley on February 6, 2016 at 10:14

      “Look, I’m a physician and cancer researcher, and I’m telling you that of my colleagues, these are some of the kindest, most thoughtful friends I’ve ever had.”

      And please fucking spare me your “but I have LOTS of black friends,” irrelevance to any part of anything I’ve ever said on this subject.

      For your information, here’s my bits of irrelevance: just two weeks ago we stayed at the vacation home of longtime friends, a culturally Muslim Pakistani and culturally Hindu Indian, who met in England. My wife had two of their three boys in both 4th and 5th grade. They’re been close friends for many years, the boys are now grown. At their Christmas party, Zahid, the Pakistani half of the couple told me that we should just nuke them. So there you go.

      When I had my company, I hired Wasim, a Pakistani programmer who’s family was all still in Pakistan and he made a trip or two back per year. While not apparently devote, he did observe practices like no alcohol, pork, etc.

      Wasim worked as an independent consultant steady for 5 or 6 years and earned well over a half million $$$.

      And there are others.

      …Y’know, since we’re talking impertinent irrelevancies that have nothing to do with anything I’ve ever written or argued on this topic.

  9. Richard Nikoley on February 6, 2016 at 08:04

    Or just call him names like I do, dismiss the multicultural regurgitate he leared in women’s studies, and move on.

    He’s not making any arguments, he’s repackaging what he’s been spoon fed by decades of leftist propaganda.

  10. Richard Nikoley on February 6, 2016 at 08:20

    Here we go, more cause for celebration, though it’s regretable that a few didn’t end up in the morgue.

    Well, there’s still time.

    What I want to see is women willing to bait these savages by going out in hotess garb, with a team of vigillantes waiting to take care of business.

    Time to be proactive and dispose of some pig feces.

  11. Bob on February 6, 2016 at 08:48

    Wow, didn’t take long for this place to turn into a clubhouse for the mutual admiration society

    • Richard Nikoley on February 6, 2016 at 09:49

      Which is impertinent.

      You are blathering non-essentials. There’s nothing odd about people who share similar values discussing and arguing in league.

      So just go fuck off and fuck yourself.

      I’ve got absolutely nothing for you Muslim-ass lickers. No quarter. None of you will every get anything but my rage and wrath.

      I loath, detest, and hate you. Understand that, and I will state it in the crudest terms possible and anyone who doesn’t like it can go find themselves a Muslim ass-licking society to feel all comfy in.

      Now fuck off. You’re dismissed.

  12. Richard Nikoley on February 6, 2016 at 10:31

    I’m going to put these up in a short post with a few observations.

    Self explanatory. First is by a British “racist,” like me, I suppose, and the second, by a Tunisian politician righteously spanking the hell out of his brethren in a sermon in New Jersey

    That second one is a real laf, vis-a-vis the Muslim-ass lickers, such as can be observed in this thread.


  13. Richard Nikoley on February 6, 2016 at 11:54

    New post:

    Muslim Menace: We’re All “Racists;” and, According To a Tunisian Politician, Muslim Culture is a Parasitic Blight

    No mercy, no quarter for leftist multicultural regurgitators.

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