The Potato Hack is Making Potato Great Again

I hadn’t mentioned it in a previous post, but we’ve been up here at The Cabin since last Friday, with guests over the weekend, and I just plain haven’t felt that much like writing on the blog. It happens. But I wanted to get a quick note out that Tim’s book, The Potato Hack: Weight Loss…Read More

My Podcast Interview About Resistant Starches and Grains

Here was part one of this interview with the Well Travelled New Zealander Jake Shuster. I’d hate for you to listen to part 2 without first hearing that part one. Here’s part 2: Podcast #43: Tubers, The Wheat Question and Iron Hypotheses with Richard Nikoley. If part one of our interview with owner Richard Nikoley was a primer on resistant starch…Read More

Low Fat Bests Low Carb In Six Month Trial And Low Carb Advocate Honestly Admits It

Honesty must be acknowledged, and especially in a person whose general preference and advocacy runs counter to what he’s reporting. Now, whether or not Bill Lagakos would characterize it like that or not, that’s just my take. Bill reports results on a recently published Chris Garner study, Weight loss on low-fat vs. low-carbohydrate diets by insulin resistance status…Read More

Probiotics As Targeted Antibiotics

By Karl Seddon, Founder & Director, Elixa Ltd. The rise of public awareness of the bacteria living in our guts has occurred rapidly enough that it seems only a few years ago that probiotics were not much more than yoghurt drinks for your stomach, and when asked if they work, the typical response was a…Read More

Just Let Life Get In Your Way And Embrace All Experiments

It’s safe to say that for me, the last year is probably filled with more upheaval in my life than ever—and I’m someone who has moved lock, stock & barrel—with cars (and a crotch-rocket) and furniture in overseas shipping containers—no less than four times…US –> Japan –> US –> France –> US. In the interim…Read More

Fun With Potatoes, Fun With Food, Fun With Life

I have crazy amounts of fun since incorporating plain old and lots of potatoes into my daily fair. The Funny thing is, it’s not much to blog about concerning alluring food. On the other hand, don’t knock it until you’ve tried it, as they say, and the word I’m getting is that more and more…Read More

Using The Potato Diet to Leash Your “Stupid Dog Brain”

Back when I was drafting this big post on the practicalities of The Potato Diet, I was already receiving comments on some other posts that caused me to add this blurb: “So, my conclusion is that boiled potatoes occupy some outlier niche where they’re mensch enough to give your stomach something substantial to feel, palatable enough to…Read More

Podcast Interview at Well Travelled Wellness

Here’s a podcast interview with me by Jake Shuster of Well Travelled Wellness. We discuss Resistant Starch, the Human Gut Microbiome and according to Jake, Paleo Hipsters. Or it’s that he thinks that describes me. Although… Richard Nikoley might give the fewest f*cks of anyone on the internet. I like to think so. Go give…Read More

Talking Just Living, Playing With “Work,” and Food

I’ve been meandering back to some of my roots, lately. Maybe you’ve noticed. I’ve been getting way more interested in preparing good food regularly for just one example. Here’s an unfinished project. I’m putting up some of my homemade stuff on Pinterest. For another thing, I have a blog redesign in the works. This is…Read More