Race To The Whitehouse 2016; Game of Thrones Version

Oligarchy:  a government in which a small group exercises control especially for corrupt and selfish purposes. Let’s get something out of the way right off the bat. Nobody should be president. It’s a ridiculous notion and given the cheap con that “democracy” always was—and is perhaps finally festering to a boil—I’d just prefer monarchy. At...…Read More

Most Of The Dumb Stuff I Saw

Well, it got so dumb that Facebook blocked me from my account for one day earlier in the week, and then for a second time—this a three day suspension—just yesterday afternoon. Violating “community standards.” Oh really? And just whose “community” would that be, and whose standards? It certainly doesn’t violate my community standards. So it’s...…Read More

Dangerous Faggot Milo Yiannopoulos Is At Once Gay Folks’ Best Friend, The Left’s Worst Enemy, and Our Next Christopher Hitchens

Well…Once Gay People Understand Their Allies and Enemies, Generally Speaking… I understand Milo on a level that I think is different from average. I’m a shit stirrer by nature. I embrace it. Iconoclasm is what I love most, but I have a spicy conservatism. Misanthropy is my cradle…though it’s focussed. My cynicism is what I...…Read More

The Whole Fat

Butter and coconut oil are becoming the new sugar. The pendulum swings from one extreme of processed food to another, to other sets of elements that are extracted from whole foods; they’re concentrated, and rendered unrecognizable to the body in terms of evolution where human biomes dealt with foods in whole forms. Am I undercutting...…Read More

Some Musings on Poor Peasant Diets

Spending all last week at “the cabin,” I figured I’d keep my Rush and Led Zeppelin to my myself, this time. Perhaps I’ll have some food pics, though. But maybe I won’t post them, either. Too peasant. Since I began Potato Hacking recently, I stumbled from potato hack intermittently, to peasant hack most of the rest...…Read More