Paleo f(x) 2016 Day One

One day, about a couple of months ago, I realized I’d not been to any conference-like events since 2012. I thought I might be done with them. But I decided to check out #PFX16 based on high marks from a couple of people whose judgments I pay attention to. The event is now in its...…Read More

How Food Enrichment Promotes Obesity (“The Theory of Everything” Wider and Deeper)

Another “Duck Dodgers” installment. For background, please also see: Iron, Food Enrichment and the Theory of Everything. That post primarily looked at iron fortification as problematic. This post takes a much deeper look at other fortified nutrients and their impact on satiation and body weight set point. In 1980, wholesale grain lobbyists, led by the American...…Read More

Huffington Post Leftist Feminist Choir-Cloister

What could be a more perfect example of it than a pic of a Huffington Post “Editors Meeting?” Feminists. Leftists. The keepers at the gate…with lock, key, and passphrase “diversity.” Wonder how many of them have males in the closet, back in the overly-expensive urban apartment. Want a juxtaposition? You can verify if you like....…Read More

Camille Paglia: “This generation of young people have been trained throughout middle school, high school, and college to be subservient to authority.”

Call it a Sunday diversion, but I’ve been both an atheist, an anarchist, and a “principlesist” for nearing 30 years without a single reflexive regret and I’ve dealt with leftists and commies (redundancy) all that time and their arguments are always defensive. Here’s a leftie, a lesbian, a fan of Bernie…who nonetheless takes you on...…Read More

Waffling On Whole Grains

Last August, in conjunction with The Duck Dodgers, we published about true whole grains: How Wheat Went From Superfood to Liability. I was surprised that reaction was reasonable, and even motivated a post from Tom Naughton with a substantial and constructive comment thread. At the time, I began sourcing and eating true whole grain breads again. Most Americans have never had a bite of true whole grain bread in their mouth in their entire life,…Read More

Sugar May Feed Cancer, But Does Protein Build It?

In February, 2009, over seven years ago, I posted: Sugar Feeds Cancer. Reading that post now, I have to wonder if I failed to make a critical distinction between building and feeding. So the classic alternative view, simply stated—let’s call it ‘Warburgian‘—is that cancer cells lack the ability to fuel from ketones (fat metabolism), require...…Read More

Well, As Long As It’s From The UC Irvine “Office of Inclusive Excellence”

One of my readers sent me this. It’s from his eminence, the honorable Douglas M. Haynes, Ph.D., Vice Provost for Academic Equity, Diversity and Inclusion, Office of Inclusive Excellence, University of California at Irvine. Try to get through it without laughing out loud. This is the sort of meaningless drivel, non-academinc, time-wasting, life-diminishing indoctrination you parents are sending...…Read More

How NuSI Reflects One Fable of Aesop

Mountains will labour: what’s born? A ridiculous mouse! (Ep.II.3, 136–9) Back in about 1995 on USENET in a particular “newsgroup,” one of the other frequent posters was David Friedman (son of Milton). There was also an individualist-libertarian sort of publishing company I was a fan of, and its head had been posting about how he was...…Read More

What If It’s All Been A Big Fat Truth?

Hopefully, Gary Taubes won’t mind my play on his title. In fact, this post isn’t really to address low carb—its pluses or minuses—at all, but rather to further advance the idea that just as Mike Eades recently blogged, fat may indeed play a role in the American obesity epidemic. Of course, what we’re talking about...…Read More

Breaking: The NuSI / Taubes Carbohydrate-Insulin Alternative Hypothesis of Obesity in Serious Trouble

Way back when Taubes’ Good Calories, Bad Calories: Fats, Carbs, and the Controversial Science of Diet and Health came out, he proposed an alternative hypothesis for obesity; essentially, that carbs drive insulin and insulin both inhibits the release of fat from storage and drives additional fat storage. He also criticized the obesity research field and Dr. Kevin...…Read More

Dr. Mark Hyman On Resistant Starch

Really decent short introduction to Resistant Starch by the doc. I didn’t really know much about him, but plugging around this morning leads to me conclude that Hyman’s dietary recommendation are pretty damn sensible. But wait, you say, don’t carbs contribute to insulin resistance, heart disease and other health concerns? Some do, but the truth...…Read More