Election 2016: Dilbert Version

Well, not exactly, but I have been getting quite a kick out of Scott Adams’ take on things, lately. I’d only ever seen things from him now & then—usually when someone would send me a specific link about this or that. The other day I went in and read a bunch of recent articles and…Read More

Time To Get Serious About Hillary

Take your pick. But don’t forget, she has the ability to laugh; and also, it’s either that she doesn’t have a penis and testicles, or that she does have a vagina, that seems to be very important. I told you this was going to be serious. I mean it. So here. Bring me another Margaret.…Read More

Democrats at the DNC: “Let’s Ban Profits!”

Alright, I’m being self-indulgent here, two posts no less, but it’s just too damn hilarious and delicious to pass up sharing it with a very substantial grin on my face that just won’t go away. Short Peter Schiff video totally trolling the Democrat National Convention. I take substantial heat, ridicule, and I am regularly dismissed over my…Read More

The Audacity Of The Clintons: Clinton Cash

You can see it for free, in its entirety, on YouTube. One hour and five minutes. It’s going crazy. No doubt mostly by people who loathe Hillary anyway, like me. I ‘ve staunchly maintained, since 1992, that Hillary will never be president; and from where I sit now, I’m seeing another 1980 Reagan-Carter landslide-blindside.Read More

What People Are Saying About Elixa Probiotic

Elixa Probiotic has been a pretty cool endeavor for me. I’ve been writing about it for a year and a half, have made decent money from it, and it seems to be enjoyed by lots of people. For instance, 50% of people who order once, order again. This is pretty remarkable, considering that it’s marketed…Read More

Nothing To Do With Islam, Just Like It Always Isn’t

Amongst the daily news feed, of yet another killing or mass killing in the name of Islam somewhere in the world was this lovely item this morning. Fighters from a US-backed Syrian militant group have been filmed brutally beheading a child as young as 11. The video captures Nour al-Din al-Zenki fighters in the back of…Read More

The Erosion Of Freedom Of Association And Social Breakdown

It’s about 25 years now that I’ve been a pretty philosophically-politically libertarian guy, classically liberal in key areas, you might say, in the spirit of The Enlightenment. When this shift in ideas came about for me, I read, and I read, and I read some more. Then one day, I’d had enough of reading and began…Read More

Bastille Day in Nice, France, 10 Years Later

In July of 2006, the wife and I did a Eurotrek by car. The French part of the experience began in San Francisco. We rented a little Euro-diesel Mercedes and did a 6,000-kilometer triangle of sorts over three weeks: Paris to Barcelona, Spain, by way of the Pyrenees; all the way to Pisa, Italy, by…Read More

Socialism Is Perfectly Human But It Does Not Scale

As it is with so very many things in life, what works for one does not work for all. Or, more exactly: even stuff that works for one and their few does not work for another and their other few. Leftism is cancer. It’s a massive troll on humanity, using its instincts against it in nefarious,…Read More

Hillary Clinton Got What She Thought She Wanted

Be Careful What You Wish For… Unlike others who have always despised Hillary, I’m becoming more pleased with James Comey by the second. I wonder why. Well, I have heard, but not checked myself, that he’s a professional lawman who has respect from both sides of the political isle. I understand that. Whether or not…Read More

“Independence Day” – I’m Not a Law-Abiding Citizen and Neither Are You

“Wherever the law is, crime can be found” — Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Three days ago, Moonbeam Brown signed five new gun laws. AB 1135 (Levine): Bans common and constitutionally-protected firearms that have magazine locking devices. AB 1511 (Santiago): Criminalizes loaning of firearms between personally known, law-abiding adults, including family members, sportspersons, and competitors. AB 1695 (Bonta): Makes a non-violent misdemeanor…Read More

SIBO Part 1: Real Condition or Myth?

Today we have another educational installment from Karl Seddon, founder of the British biotech manufacturing firm that produces Elixa Probiotic. Years back, I recall hearing almost daily about Adrenal Fatigue and it struck me as one of those things with a list of symptoms so numerous, vague, and broadly defined that it was as though it…Read More