How SaneBox Saved Me From 20 Years Of Email Insantity

It was about 20 years ago—1996—that I really began to use email more widely, taking it from more of a novelty thing to what became a mainstay means of communication, both in business and personally. It really didn’t take long for it to consume enormous swaths of every day. It’s a double-edge sword kind of…Read More

Jack Kerwick Gets It On The Muslim Menace

At There is one decisive reason for conservatives and libertarians to vote for Trump, but it has more to do with the Trump candidacy, or what Ilana Mercer calls “the Trump process,” than Trump the person. For decades, there has been a virtual consensus across the political spectrum that “Washington,” or “the System,” is…Read More

Roundup: Obamacare Death, Trump, Journalism, and Tax My Kids

Morning readings today. ~ Obamacare has gone from the president’s greatest achievement to a ‘slow-motion death spiral’ (Bob Bryan, Business Insider) My oh my. What a disaster, and all because of that hackneyed praise “health care,” combined with general economic illiteracy and ignorance of business. And those of us in possession of such competencies said it…Read More

My Fat-Burning Man Video Podcast Interview with Abel James

It was really a whirlwind of an interview and a lot of fun. Abel James and I covered much ground I’ve never covered before in various previous interviews. On this episode, you’ll learn: A simple way to eat well on $10 a week Why adding vitamins to wheat might actually make it more fattening Why all carbs are not created equal A…Read More

Braised Beef Short Ribs

I think there may perhaps be no finer, tastier, more succulent food than a nicely done braised beef short rib with the proper straining and reduction of the braising stock to a thick consistency. So let’s get started. For a review of the various ways and cuts I’ve done in the past, see here, here,…Read More

Pork Chops and Fruit, Home Chef Version

Well, for now, I think I’m a bit burnt out on the politics (to those who’ve been following the last couple weeks of posts). I’ll look for more opportunities to poke fun of the ridiculous in the lead up to the election to come. I thought I’d do an old-fasioned food post for once, and…Read More

LOL “News” — It’s What It’s Good For

What’s not news—or certainly ought be news to no one—is that everyone is biased, everyone feels a need to believe that their bias—unlike everyone else’s—is for all the right reasons—including, ironically enough, objectivity—and a big chunk of life is an endless struggle in seeking confirmation of just how sound are all of our many biases on just about everything.…Read More