What Are State Department Emails Doing On Anthony Weiner’s Sex Toys?

Interesting weekend. I was over in Stockton, CA on Friday, getting some car work done when the news hit early afternoon eastern time about the re-opening of the FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s “careless handling” of State Department communications—many classified at the highest levels of sensitive and secret—while serving as the chief executive of that same…Read More

The Renewed FBI Probe, on Principles

I could have almost live-blogged this whole deal. It has been rather delicious, watching the left. “THAT PERSON NEEDS A $600 EPI-PEN. HURRY!” I held back, because I was waiting for what I knew would come, since I already knew about this, but preferred it be reported by a “legitimate” outlet. I’m talking about Caspar…Read More


Nobody wants to spend time in prison. Hillary’s public statement on the re-opening of the FBI investigation—behind a staffed, contrived row of American flags—is the largest signal of fear we have ever seen of that hubristic and arrogant cunt, since we’ve known her. 1991…when she lied about not being exactly like Tammy Wynette… Get out…Read More

How Fucktards Cause Blindness

Here. “We were terrified that he was going to lose his sight,” Ms Moore said. “It seemed to be getting worse.” But when Professor Watson examined Cian, she diagnosed him with a condition much more banal than the rare disease his mother anticipated. “She looked at him for a minute and said, ‘Do you know…Read More

What “Rigged” Means

Here. 96% of all disclosed political donations made by journalists during this election season went to the Clinton campaign. That amounts to nearly $400,000. Moreover: Follow the money. Cover your bets. Protect your investments.Read More

Human Beings Thirst For Both Lies and Truths. In This Election, Truth Has The Upper Hand.

Back in the Olden Days, there were media organizations in print—and later radio and TV—that sought to inform the populace—ever imperfectly—about shit going on we’d have otherwise not known about but for their investigative and publishing prowess. …Somewhere along the way, the left and Democrats bought off all the big ones, like any decent mob…Read More

The Main Pravda Media

Mundane media bias is so yesteryear. One benefit of the intact Soviet empire back until the early 1990s is that it provided a clear contrast between state-controlled media and what was relatively distinctive in the west. For some reason, the existing hard-state media control in places like China and North Korea don’t seem to interest Americans…Read More

Financial and Market Juxtapositions

I bought a new flat panel TV last weekend to replace my old 50″ Sony Projection High-Definition TV that’s now 14 years old, has always worked fine, and for which I paid a hefty $2,500 in 2002. That’s $3,350 in 2016 dollars. I actually would have been fine with it. It’s in the lower level…Read More

This Presidential Race Is Women Against Men

Stupid, but this is marginal feminism. Milo Yiannopoulos does good job schooling a local NAACP Chapter Fat Butt. Worth the 4 minutes. This is why I call him the next Christopher Hitchens. He’s very good. Moving along, it took days for me to even comment on the Donald Trump Tape (on Facebook, from which I’ve…Read More

Bush League Alaska

This is truly amazing. 43 seconds. I trained myself in tail draggers, three different Citabrias. Did all the short-field and soft-field drills, but never anything remotely close to this. I’ve done similar in hang gliders—but their stall speed is on the order of 13 mph. Do note very closely on the landing, the rudder action....…Read More

Now To Make A Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich Every Time

In a world where everything is everything and the kitchen sink, it sometimes serves us well to do the basics. I’ll save a tomato sandwich for next week, but here we have a most basic, simple grilled cheese. It takes three elements: bread butter cheese The rest is technique. The white bread is lightly toasted,…Read More

We Had An Octoberfest And There Were Black People

Beatrice loves this photo I took Saturday night at my Brother’s compound a couple hours up the Gold Road—Highway 49—up to Placerville, CA, FKA Hangtown. Nikoley Family Octoberfest. Wait! There’s two black kids, and Richard uses c-words and n-words. What? …If you don’t understand, it’s only because you’re stupid. Let me give you a hint.…Read More