Beans Make Some Fart, Not Others. Some Ideas

Karl Seddon, the sole manufacturer of Elixa Probiotic, in comments on this post, about the upcoming Tribal Prebiotic. ~~~ Hi Wilbur, “After a few weeks of not eating them, I eat a huge bowl of them. Hilarity ensues. The next day, I have massive gas despite normally eating over 100g/day of fiber. Then it’s gone.…Read More

Blocked By Facebook, Again

For 30 days, this time It was about a year ago that I got my first suspension. It was for a day. Facebook sent me to bed without dinner, essentially. Can’t recall what it was about. Sometime later, another suspension. Mommy said I’m grounded for a week, this time. Bread and water. Smooth sailing, since.…Read More

Hillary Clinton Will Never Be President of the United States

Hillary Clinton will never be president. I have never wavered from this affirmation since 1992. I see no reason to change, in spite of all the leftsists. Juxtapostition. They know you’re stupid. There is no other explanation. You have no idea how literally worthless every one of them are. Let’s get this over with. Alright.…Read More