Finally The Clinton Foundation: Follow The Money

I first learned of the Clinton private-server email probe just after I stopped by a liquor store and checked into a hotel room in San Diego, just across the Mexican border, at about 8pm in late July, 2015.

I’d just driven 840 miles straight on 1950s-style, 2-lane Highway 1, up the Baja peninsula, from Ciudad Constitución—having done the Zacatitos / Cabo drive to there, starting the previous afternoon.

Switched on the TV. My first thought was, classic Clinton.

Let me explain.

Just as Bill and Hillary way outmaneuvered the right / conservative / Republican machine in the 90s to let them focus on the sex and not deeper, more fundamental and structural issues, so they will let them go after the classification issues, and not the more fundamental and structural issues—the money.

And it worked like a charm, right up until July, 2016.

The left does not give a shit about confidential, secret, or top secret. Nor SigInt, and all the classification categories amongst top secret. In their view, this is all mockable shit for the purpose of protecting warmongering and of course, Obama is simply cleaning up the mess left by Bush / Republican warmongering—so it’s GOOD she did this. Damn straight! Plus, she’s a Womyn!

I knew absolutely that the Republicans would fall for it, just as they always do when it offends their quaint “God & Country” worldview. I’ve come to where I now more accept and respect that worldview and even see the value in it from a geopolitical struggle angle. But: don’t be stupid and don’t be fooled. Your weaknesses have been identified and are being exploited to undermine you and make you look stupid.

So, the other day, I mentioned how, finally, some in more mainstream sources are beginning to see this election as a Mega-Trend sea change, tantamount to 1980. And then, just yesterday, the news hit that indeed, a perhaps larger investigative focus is now on The Clinton Foundation and its schemes to enrich Bill and Hillary by selling US State policy, as well documented in Clinton Cash.

So (first 8 minutes):

I said way, way, way back: Clinton and her lawyers deleting 33,000 yoga-schedule emails while leaving some hundreds of various officially classified emails was a bone and a diversion tossed to God & Country, Law & Order Republicans. They absolutely knew the Republicans would go after that like malnourished pit bulls, and that their lefty fans would not only not care, but applaud them—and even mock the Republicans while happily practicing the cognitive dissonance inherent in the fact that there’s just as much foreign intervention blood and guts now, as ever.

The deleted emails and the very original purpose of the private server to begin with were, in the former, to cover money tracks and in the latter, to do clandestine business to enrich Bill and Hillary in the first place.

Very cool it’s finally coming out because that is the big story.

Richard Nikoley

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  1. John on November 3, 2016 at 19:29

    Extraordinarily cool. And the depth, breadth, and depravity may be staggering.

  2. Doug on November 4, 2016 at 05:35

    Have we seen the money trail yet?

    Not trying to be a dick, but people say the Clintons have enriched themselves with this foundation, but are there bank statements that show inflows into the foundation from (pick whomever) and outflows to:
    1. Clintons or relatives
    2. Spending to individuals or corporations

    By the way these Foundations seem like very interesting tax loopholes from what I understand.
    Step 1 Create a foundation
    Step 2 Donate your own money and get others to donate to the “cause”
    Step 3 Put yourself, family and friends on the board and pay them (as I understand Adrian Peterson has a foundation and his family members are on the board)
    Step 4 Pay out 5% a year to the “cause”
    Step 5 If enough funds exist take the board to an exotic location all expenses paid to discuss the “cause”

    Maybe it’s legit.

    • Hap on November 4, 2016 at 09:05

      Legit and “scam” are not inseparable. That’s why we have charity watchdogs…..and the most respected….Charity Navigator will not rate Clinton Foundation because sthe books are so bizarre.

      There are also reports from Haiti and Africa regarding the quality of the “contractors” goods delivered including ineffective/defective AIDS meds and toxic chemicals in temporary housing modules. I am sure the list is hardly limited to things like this.

      We also know from the Wiki leaks and other sources that Clinton Foundation donors get special treatment in the awarding of “contracts”. Lots of wiggle room in legit operations to play favorites and establish loyal money multipliers.

    • Richard Nikoley on November 4, 2016 at 09:38


      Read Clinton Cash or watch the free hour long documentary online.

      All laid out how the RICO criminality works.

      Giuliani has said numerous times that as a federal prosecutor of racketeering cases in the 80s that he won hundreds of convictions on a tenth of the evidence already known.

      • thhq on November 6, 2016 at 07:47

        The issue isn’t lack of evidence but having a government with a will to prosecute. The Clintons aren’t like Nixon. There is no shame in impeachment.

        The only shame is in loss of influence. They don’t like being trivialized.

  3. gabkad on November 6, 2016 at 05:04

    It came in very handy for Hillary Clinton that Huma Abedin is fluent in Arabic.

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