The Prime Rib French Dip Sandwich

The day-after French Dip Sandwich is to your Christmas Prime Rib what the day-after Turkey Sandwich is to your Thanksgiving Bird. There are three essential elements and you have to get all three right. Prime Rib cooked medium rare Crusty bread, sweet or sour per preference, lightly buttered and grilled Beef broth (au jus) reduced to a knee-buckling deep flavor (this is the pro vs. amateur part) Let’s get started. This was a double recipe,…Read More

New Year’s Resolution 2017: Be Your Own Celebrity Entertainer. DIY

Word today is that another celebrity—likely too rich and personally unaccountable for her own good—bit it way early. Well, let’s see. If you were an alien just visiting earth right now for the first time, you would understand that the very most important events of 2016 were the deaths of Prince, Bowie, Ali, Wilder, Michael, and Fisher, among a bunch of others. Are you tired of it, yet, all the obsession and faux sense of…Read More

Family Christmas Celebration, Version 2016 (Prime Rib & Yorkshire Pudding)

Can’t recall when I’ve enjoyed Christmas day as much as yesterday’s. About a dozen of immediate and near-immediate family present at my brother’s house in the hills above Placerville, CA…formerly Hangtown. The home was so packed that it was air-mattress on the floor, for me. My two brothers and I collaborated on cooking 24 pounds of prime rib low and slow, beginning around 10 am. We used my brother’s wood-pellet Traeger. To obtain absolute low…Read More

Elixa Gut Health Video Series — Episode 1

Karl Seddon, creator and manufacturer of Elixa Probiotic is creating a multi-part educational video series about gut health, designed to be accessible to anyone. Here’s episode 1, and I’ll be posting them as they come available. Learn more about gut health and dysbiosis today. And if you want to try Elixa Probiotic for yourself, you can order here: This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login…Read More

Elixa Probiotic Version 3.0 Now Available

by Karl Seddon, Elixa Probiotic’s developer and sole manufacturer I have very recently launched Elixa Probiotic V3 after extensive early user trials and feedback. The early results for V3 have been extremely positive and a succinct way to summarize them—for people familiar with Elixa—is that this is an improvement upon both V1 and V2 combined. There were, after all, a few people who responded better to V1 than to V2. Well now, V3 appears to…Read More

Loose Ends: Holiday Vacation Update

Saw that this morning. Pretty much always that way with me and this blog is pretty clear evidence over the 13 years I’ve been writing it. …And this is why I haven’t posted hardly at all since the election. I’m generally uninterested, though I poke fun and deride leftists here and there on Facebook as a sort of distraction. But even that’s wearing thin. It’s getting increasingly coolish and short-dayed up here in the mountains—first…Read More