This Presidential Race Is Women Against Men

Stupid, but this is marginal feminism. Milo Yiannopoulos does good job schooling a local NAACP Chapter Fat Butt. Worth the 4 minutes. This is why I call him the next Christopher Hitchens. He’s very good. Moving along, it took days for me to even comment on the Donald Trump Tape (on Facebook, from which I’ve…Read More

Bush League Alaska

This is truly amazing. 43 seconds. I trained myself in tail draggers, three different Citabrias. Did all the short-field and soft-field drills, but never anything remotely close to this. I’ve done similar in hang gliders—but their stall speed is on the order of 13 mph. Do note very closely on the landing, the rudder action....…Read More

Now To Make A Perfect Grilled Cheese Sandwich Every Time

In a world where everything is everything and the kitchen sink, it sometimes serves us well to do the basics. I’ll save a tomato sandwich for next week, but here we have a most basic, simple grilled cheese. It takes three elements: bread butter cheese The rest is technique. The white bread is lightly toasted,…Read More

We Had An Octoberfest And There Were Black People

Beatrice loves this photo I took Saturday night at my Brother’s compound a couple hours up the Gold Road—Highway 49—up to Placerville, CA, FKA Hangtown. Nikoley Family Octoberfest. Wait! There’s two black kids, and Richard uses c-words and n-words. What? …If you don’t understand, it’s only because you’re stupid. Let me give you a hint.…Read More

Beans Make Some Fart, Not Others. Some Ideas

Karl Seddon, the sole manufacturer of Elixa Probiotic, in comments on this post, about the upcoming Tribal Prebiotic. ~~~ Hi Wilbur, “After a few weeks of not eating them, I eat a huge bowl of them. Hilarity ensues. The next day, I have massive gas despite normally eating over 100g/day of fiber. Then it’s gone.…Read More

Blocked By Facebook, Again

For 30 days, this time It was about a year ago that I got my first suspension. It was for a day. Facebook sent me to bed without dinner, essentially. Can’t recall what it was about. Sometime later, another suspension. Mommy said I’m grounded for a week, this time. Bread and water. Smooth sailing, since.…Read More

Hillary Clinton Will Never Be President of the United States

Hillary Clinton will never be president. I have never wavered from this affirmation since 1992. I see no reason to change, in spite of all the leftsists. Juxtapostition. They know you’re stupid. There is no other explanation. You have no idea how literally worthless every one of them are. Let’s get this over with. Alright.…Read More

Coming Very Soon: Tribal Prebiotic

I could not be more pleased than to finally tell you about this, available soon, exclusively through It’s from Karl Seddon, inventor and manufacturer of Elixa Probiotic, of which we’ve talked about so much over the last couple of years. It’s Tribal Prebiotic. You may recall that nearly two years ago—and after chewing on…Read More

The Clinton Emails and the Foundation

For those interested in a pretty in-depth, top-level treatment of both of these topics, this panel by Judicial Watch is worth it. In response to the revelations about the pay-to-play scandal tied to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email system and the Clinton Foundation, Judicial Watch hosted an educational panel discussion:  “Clinton Scandal…Read More

This Video Ought To Make A Human Being Weep

I’ve published this image many times on this blog over years. Here’s a video. Here’s what I wrote on Facebook earlier today: A very compelling video. This is outright nihilism, the utter destruction of burgeoning Enlightenment in its tentative, tender, formative stages. Radical Islam is an enormous, global problem, now; fully unconfined, and it’s squarely…Read More

Podcast #4: Alex Leaf Exposes Shortcomings in the Paleo Narrative

Last week I published Everything You Believe About What Paleoman Ate Is Way Wrong. That post was based on some research identified by Alex Leaf in: Eat first, share later: the foraging habits of Hadza hunter-gatherers. After the interview portion of that, we delve into what Alex’s nutritional recommendations are, which might surprise you. You can read both…Read More

Everything You Believe About What Paleoman Ate Is Way Wrong

It’s just not way wrong, it’s astoundingly, embarrassingly wrong. The story goes like this. A long time ago, in a land far far away, folks like Loren Cordain and S. Boyd Eaton got together and did a study. Plant-animal subsistence ratios and macronutrient energy estimations in worldwide hunter-gatherer diets (2000) …Because the hunter-gatherer way of life…Read More

Zeroing In: Nutritionally Dense Because Low Calorie

Nutritional density ought best be viewed in combination with its energy; that is, how much high-quality nutrition per calorie. Everything pictured above is pretty decent in terms of nutritional bang for the caloric buck tradeoff, except the water crackers, which are just a bit on non-enriched wheat substrate. So here was the take from Amazon,…Read More

How SaneBox Saved Me From 20 Years Of Email Insantity

It was about 20 years ago—1996—that I really began to use email more widely, taking it from more of a novelty thing to what became a mainstay means of communication, both in business and personally. It really didn’t take long for it to consume enormous swaths of every day. It’s a double-edge sword kind of…Read More