Crypto: Jason Hreha Is Fucktarded About Both FOMO And Bitcoin

Got this in my email just now. Look, it’s just hilarious to me. It’s a delicious mix of an inability to differentiate rational from irrational fear from a “behavioral scientist,” combined with a big mix of Dunning-Kruger about the viability of Bitcoin, from a “behavioral scientist.” Where in the holy fuck do they come up…Read More

Crypto: Post 21 Convention Interview

At the end of September I gave a talk on cryptocurrency at the 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida. The public release of that video will be forthcoming at a future time and I’ll publish it here when it does. In the meantime, here’s a brief interview. Curious about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency phenomenon? Then check…Read More

Andreas Antonopoulos Becomes Instant Bitcoin Millionaire

[Reposted from Patreon] I don’t know if you’ve been following the story over the last couple of days but it’s emotional on many levels. Here’s Andreas from the Wikipedia POV. He has a website, YouTube, and a Patreon too. Yes, I’m a Patron. Back in August, when I was chewing on what to do next—as…Read More

$1 Million Bitcoin In 2018?

[Crossposted from Patreon] Greetings patrons and general public. Well, after 9.5 hours on the road yesterday in a motorhome, from Santa Barbara, CA—a 1-night stopover and hosting of Dr. Michael Eades at camp for a charcoal BBQ dinner—to Arnold, CA in the Sierras, I’m finally back at my normal desk after 10 days. I’m up…Read More

Bitcoin FOMO: The TL;DR, Get In Today, NOW

Let’s get through this quick and dirty. This is a public post, both on FreeTheAnimal and on Patreon. Free to all. I want as many of my Patrons who haven’t yet dived in—perhaps suffering the paralysis of analysis—to get into an initial stake today. I want anyone else out there who’s scared to death, or…Read More

The Bitcoin Order Book Hard Wall Of 10K

There’s going to be one hellava selloff at $10,000 per Bitcoin. Of course, the order book is merely the whole collection of open orders that have yet to be filled, and as such, can change rapidly. The green area represents the bids (limit orders to buy at a certain price) and the red area represents…Read More

Hey Richard, LOL, How’s That CryptoCurrency Portfolio Going?

Glad you asked. On September 3, less than three months ago by about a week, I started this portfolio specifically to show and not just talk about “my vast knowledge” of cryptocurrencies. Everybody talks, few show you their actual holdings and how they’re performing. I had decided to create a presence on Patreaon with none…Read More

LOL Jimmy Moore’s Ketotard Failure After Failure

It is to laugh. Since starting the Facebook group Richard Nikoley’s Ketotard Chronicles for the purpose of mocking and ridiculing ketotardedness, Jimmy Moore’s list of failures grows and grows. Dr. Adam Nally (see here and here) quits the KetoTalk Podcast and distances himself Dr. Jason Fung pushes Jimmy out of the Intermittent Fasting podcast, and I…Read More

The Satoshi Bubble of 2009 Continues

In other news, Whole Crypto Roundup posted on Patreon. The Big News – Bitcoin up to $8,000, from under $6,000 in the space of a week. Be Careful How Secure You Want to Be – Don’t make your Crypto wallet so secure even you can’t get to your $300 Million. First World Luxury Problems – Expert…Read More

How’s My Patreon Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency Gig Going?

See for yourself. I initiated this portfolio only September 2, about a week in advance of initiating my Patreon gig, and in that time since the first post, September 2, that’s how it’s done and what’s remarkable is that more than half of the $2,815 invested has been done over the last 30 days and…Read More

I’m On With Lawrence Neal, Corporate Warrior Podcast

Richard Nikoley Tells You Who To Listen To in the Low-Carb and Keto World Richard Nikoley is one of the most prolific – and notorious – voices in the overlapping spheres of the paleo, low-carb, and keto worlds online. He is the author of the book Free The Animal: How to lose weight and fat…Read More