The Case Against Sugar And The Case For Low-Carb Diets by Dr. Michael Eades

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’re aware that science journalist Gary Taubes has a new book out: The Case Against Sugar. I have not read the book myself, but have read a number of reviews of it. Including this one by Stephan Guyenet: Bad sugar or bad journalism? An expert review of “The Case Against Sugar”. Gary Taubes has penned a response to Stephan in a separate thread here: The Case against Sugar Isn’t So Easily…Read More

Even The Utterly Loathsome Bill Maher Can Explain How Fucktarded The Sniveling Left Is

I hate even putting this up here because I have a serious disdain for Bill Maher. Worst of all, he’s a dishonest lying cunt. He lies on purpose to make cherry-picked political points. Except here, chastising his own. Now go fuck off, Maher, you general piece of shit.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login Join NowRead More

The Best Mexican Immigration Rant In Human History

…Because he actually truly cares. This is so damn good I have no idea how he does it—both the writing and the delivery. This guy could give George Carlin a good run for his money. Brilliant.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login Join NowRead More

Michael Eades, Gary Taubes, Stephan Guyenet, and Richard Nikoley: Same bar table.

Ancestral Health Symposium, UCLA, 2011. I wont tell you unless Mike says it’s OK. …It’s not that bad looking at all—how else would I have known Gary could have gone into Football, instead? …Yesterday, Mike penned me quite an enormously widespread critique of Stephans’s critique of Gary’s latest book, and I find it all so delicious. Gary and Stephan always reply to my emails. I love Stephan’s critique more than I love Mike’s repartee. But…Read More

Even Rand Paul’s Obamacare “Repeal and Replace” Is Utter Bullshit. Cash

What Happens When Doctors Only Take Cash When Art Villa found out, after one too many boating accidents, that he needed a total knee replacement, he began asking around to see how much it would cost. The hospital near his home in Helena, Mont., would charge $40,000 for the procedure, he says. But that didn’t include the anesthesiologist’s fee, physical therapy or a stay at a rehabilitation center afterward. A 2015 Blue Cross Blue Shield…Read More

Suppose You Were Very Low Intelligence, From A Country That Kills Intelligence

You make your way to America. It used to be that the most highly intelligent came here. Left the Fucktards of Europe to breed in America, which is why it’s mostly fucktarded, in Europe, with a good dose of laughable hubris. There is nothing more fucking ridiculous and funny and delicious than watching Euro fucktards. After all, Europeans are so damn fucktarded that once the brain drain happened towards America, they got themselves fucking overrun…Read More

This Will Never Get Old: Jonathan Pie

Watched this when it first came out, but it pays to watch again and make sure you don’t miss it. “It’s almost as if the political acumen of Beyonce and Jay-Z count for nothing.” Wait for it. I bust a gut every time.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login or Join for access at the level you choose.Login Join NowRead More

Donald Trump: Righteous Anti Muslim; Better Than Ronald Reagan

Islam is 600 or so years younger than Christianity, way younger than Judaism. Both of the latter have modernized. To most, their scriptures are metaphors. A good God thing. There are, of course, literalists, but they have embraced the Western Enlightenment, such that they use the political process to attempt to advance their literal interpretations. Trump didn’t campaign as a politician. It’s precisely why he beat everyone—the first in historical memory to pull that off.…Read More

On Donna Hylton

Curiously, or perhaps not, she has no Wikipedia entry. This will do: The Women Movement’s Embrace of Rape-Torturer Psychopath Donna Hylton Spurling himself interviewed Donna: “I couldn’t believe this girl who was so intelligent and nice-looking could be so unemotional about what she was telling me she and her friends had done. They’d squeezed the victim’s testicles with a pair of pliers, beat him, burned him. Actually, I thought the judge’s sentence was lenient. What…Read More

The Best News I Heard All Day

The Pussyboys resigned The State Department’s entire senior administrative team just resigned See, in the world of real humans, that’s a laugh. In the world of today’s media, it’s a call for dire metaphors of doom. Let me guess. The Nomenclatura thought they were just going to be able to get along, business as usual. Or, at least, use their diplomatic skills and nuance to have it the way they want it. Nope. So, give…Read More

Staying With The Pussy Theme…

WOMEN’S MARCH: TRANS ACTIVISTS UPSET BECAUSE MARCH TOO FOCUSED ON FEMALE GENITALIA Nobody would have thought to make this stuff up. Transgender activists from the Women’s March on Washington are upset because there were too many white cis women marching. Not only were they upset that there were too many white cis women at the march, they were upset on the emphasis given to female genitalia and the color pink. As well, posters reading “This…Read More

Blocked From Facebook For A Fifth Time

First time, way back, was for a day or two. Then a couple of 1-week blocks in close succession last year. Last October I was handed a 30-day suspension for a comment on someone else’s post where she, the poster, didn’t mind the comment at all, but some stranger did. Same thing this time, and another 30 days. The woman—a Facebook friend—whose post I commented on even messaged me to laugh about it. I had…Read More

The Instant Pot Electric Pressure Cooker: Dope

It had been on my mind for a while. Stephan Guyenet first clued me into the idea of an electric pressure cooker appliance—it’s like 4 years now. I’ve had a stovetop one forever that I haven’t used in forever. My notion of a pressure cooker is the image of grandma pressure cooking something. Huge pot, and a sort of “puck” of a precise weight that sat atop a vertical tube on the lid. Heavy enough…Read More

Elixa Gut Health Video Series — Episode 2

Karl Seddon, creator and manufacturer of Elixa Probiotic is creating a multi-part educational video series about gut health, designed to be accessible to anyone. Here’s episode 2, and I’ll be posting them as they come available. Learn more about gut health and dysbiosis today. And if you want to try Elixa Probiotic for yourself, you can order here: This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login…Read More