Alex Tizon: The First Intellectual I Ever Met

Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, author, and journalism professor Alex Tizon died in his sleep a couple of nights ago at 58, no apparent precursors anyone was aware of. You know how that happens, young and by surprise. Chief candidates are aneurysm, stroke, myocardial infarction—the surprise killers. He was 58, showing zero signs; lean and vibrant health.…Read More

A Longevity Juxtaposition: Ron Rosedale vs. Arthur De Vany

This is a post for health science geeks. Yesterday, I posted about how focussing on lean protein—while trading off fat and carbohydrate—might do two things, particularly in the context of overweight folk who might, both, want to drop the weight…while, also, resetting or reprogramming their neurological “setpoint” that motivates biological insatiable drives to want to defend or…Read More

Using Protein To Rewire Weight Set Point

Ever since reading Stephan Guyenet’s book, The Hungry Brain: Outsmarting the Instincts That Make Us Overeat, I’ve been mulling over protein. I fist discussed it towards the end of this post, including a comment by Stephan himself on the subject. The idea is simple: Target lots of lean protein. When eaten with higher fat, go low-carb.…Read More

Embrace The Coming Slave Economy

We already know that a slave economy raises all non-slave boats. Consult history. The problem, economically, was that there were problems with the slave stock that were human in nature. Like pregnancy, slave-owner abuses over “insubordination,” as well as slave-owner sexual preferences over the wife unit… The list goes on. Even if all that could…Read More

MSNBC’s Rachel Mad Cow Takes Donald Trump’s Bait

I had lots of other stuff to do today, since I just spent mind-numbing hours yesterday doing my “taxes” (euphemism). But how serendipitous, when the story of the day turned out to be Donald Trump’s 2005 tax filing, where he got hit for $38 Million. And me, yesterday? Uh, a bit less than that. 🙂…Read More

When SNL Mocks How Fucking Stupid They Are

“Did you afford me a choice when you cut off my balls?” and “you masturbate when you’re bored.” Wait for both. The only thing that could possibly make this skit better is if Alec Baldwin played the role of the dog. I have beat drums for months and months to signal that every leftist, every…Read More

Dr. David Ludwig: Some Fine Dot Connecting

Woke up this morning to notification of yet another blog post by Mike Eades. In it, he points to a relatively short presentation (30 minutes) by Dr. David Ludwig of Harvard University at the Ambition Nutrition Conference. Mike goes on to provide his notes on the presentation with time stamps. I found them intriguing enough…Read More

Has Everbody Been Wrong About Orange Juice?

I actually remember this hubub by Dr. Paresh Dandona back close to the time I started blogging on health and diet. Here it is again, in more detail, in Mother Jones: Are Happy Gut Bacteria Key to Weight Loss? A few years before Super Size Me hit theaters in 2004, Dr. Paresh Dandona, a diabetes specialist in Buffalo, New York,…Read More

What Just Went Down:

On Friday, Feb 17, Beatrice got up here to the cabin. A week was in store for us and the doggies. It tuned into a 13-day family medical intervention. Here are the high points. By Sunday, shit was looking grim. Her mom, mid-80s, with a non aggressive form of lymphoma that had been acting up,…Read More

Where Out Of Hell Did Liz Wheeler Come From?

Holy shit. Who is this chickie hot cake with a big smart brain? Every. Word. Well, while Tucker Carlson is doing good work in the FOX slot formerly occupied by Megyn, this gal, with a fat contract, would better fill that role, since its traditionally a babe role, and you can easily tell she’s as…Read More

Just Another Day

Banal title. The pic is of the newest private rental we’ve scrounged while down here in SoCal, day 11 but under less than ideal circumstances. Things are better on that score. Anyway, once I get back home to my office and huge-ass screen and pine wood plank floors and fresh ground coffee in the morning…Read More