Sunday Church For Ketotards

Two items to cover today. But first, let me make a distinction. When I use the derogatory term “Ketotards,” I’m talking about the version of chronic ketosis where one or more of the following applies within the framework: Calories don’t count if you eat enough fat Protein intake has a glucose and insulin response and…Read More

Tom Naughton Wants Jimmy Moore To Have His Cake and Eat It Too

Tom Naughton, of Fat Head documentary fame, is a pretty sharp and clever guy, which makes this post so bizarre. He’s a former successful stand-up comedian—PG Rated—an entrepreneur software developer, and is tenacious enough to write, film, and produce his own successful documentary which is still relevant in a number of ways. So what gives,…Read More

Listen Up: Calories Count. Period

(Post dedicated to Mr. Lyle McDonald, who’s always been right about this) Dismiss the unbridled deconstructionists and reductionists who say stuff like “we don’t burn calories, we metabolize molecules,” and other such twists on that. It’s like saying there’s no point in using a ruler or tape measure because it’s all atoms and sub-atomic particles. It’s…Read More

Arthur De Vany on Facebook; 1985 Paleo

For years and years, people have been asking me, “where is Art De Vany?” Right here. Take an old narrative, make money and prestige off of it, then defend how right and just you were from the beginning, for the rest of your life. I generally laugh at the idea. Sure, perhaps you’re Einstein and…Read More

Want To Get Uber Fat? Jimmy Moore Can Help You

I was on a forum the other day and someone posed the question: how might they gain weight on a ketogenic diet. The answer to the question is obvious. jimmy moore is the world-champion for gaining weight on a low-carb or ketogenic diet. Nobody comes close to how many pounds he can pack on “gaining health”…Read More

I’ve Gone and “Cyberbullied” Poor Jimmy Moore

Someone messaged me this yesterday. It’s From Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb group on Facebook. Oh, cry me a river of orange-flavored exogenous ketone-drink, Jimmy. What is it? Eight YEARS now, since 2008…you know, back when you were still doing reasonably decent with that 180-pound weight loss under your belt by following a sensible,…Read More

More High Protein Meals

Time for an update on how it’s been going with the high protein, generally trade off carbs and fat. So, good protein all the time, but when higher fat, then low carb and when higher carb, low fat. You can see the last post and pics here.           This last dish…Read More

Our Freeloading, Rent-Seeking, Parasitic Civilization

I’m in no mood and this is no April Fools… I was emailed by a friend yesterday asking what I think about this (links here and here): Meh…all were doing is twiddling our thumbs right now. The welfare state (which is 200 trillion in debt), is in the process of collapsing in on itself (look…Read More