Sunday Church For Animals: Truth vs. Honesty

27 years ago, some dude taught me the proper distinction between truths, lies, honesty, and dishonesty. It has been at the foundation of everything I’ve ever done since. Our social system is based on gotcha lies and praised truths. Nobody is truly honest, the greatest aspiration for a human. The contextless truths and lies stack…Read More

Lola Pulido’s Life Story as Told by Alex Tizon in The Atlantic June Cover Story is Complicated — A Brief Insider’s Perspective

One 1982 September evening on the 4th floor of the co-ed Finley Hall Dormitory at Oregon State University, Leticia (“Ling”) Tizon stopped by our room because we were collecting money for some group outing. Others were coming and going, but Ling stuck around, propped against the door frame for a good long while, engaging me in…Read More

Publicly Shaming The Jimmy Moore Doctor Enablers One By One

Yep, there’s the undercutting strategy. Those, like myself, who supported him way back have nothing to worry about. Here was my watershed moment, when I realized I was supporting and defending a profoundly dishonest, self-serving opportunist. THE FALL OF THE JIMMY MOORE “WEBPIRE” It details how he baited and switched Paul Jaminet, the world’s most…Read More

Jimmy Moore the Menace To Health and Diet

“This is not a weight loss journey, it’s a health gain journey.” — Jimmy Moore, chief goal post mover Too bad if you don’t like it. People keep sending me stuff, and it’s jaw dropping. As I’ve said before, if Jimmy was just Joe Citizen I wouldn’t give a hoot, would feel sympathy for him,…Read More

Combining Foods To Control Glycemic Response

You don’t need an obsessive, stupid low-carb, high-fat or ketogenic diet to control and mitigate glycemic response from whole food carbohydrates. What you need is to start using your brain. I came across this post someone had emailed me the link to some months back as I was doing some email housekeeping yesterday. Thought I’d…Read More

I’m On Instagram

I’ve had an account for some time, but haven’t used it in some time. That’s changing, so most image related stuff I do (food pics, doggie pics, nature pics, etc.) will go thrpough Instagram, first. You can follow me here.Read More

Speaking At The 21 Convention

For the third time, but the first in a few years, I’ll be speaking at The 21 Convention in Orlando, FL, September 28 – October 1, 2017. Here’s a list of the benefits Includes FULL Access to the 4 Day Event Includes Access to All ~26 Presentations Includes the “Heroes Dinner” ($250 value) Includes Annual…Read More