Keto [Tard] Diet Update #1

For the low price of only $5,997 you too can Get Into Ketosis for 180 days! I’m not making that up and I’ll get to it later. This is an assemblage of stuff that’s come to me, that I’ve posted about on my Ketotard Chronicles Facebook Group, or I’ve thought about recently. Let’s begin with...…Read More

Low Calorie Grilled Chicken Piccata

A favorite of many is a piccata dish, both the chicken and veal versions. The problem is, they are loaded with calories and many of those calories are hidden fat calories. Generally, one dredges the chicken in flour, sauteés it in plenty of olive oil, then it’s transferred to the piccata sauce, which consists of a...…Read More

The Gourmet Chili Steak Burger

I know many are bugging me here and there to blog about the specifics I’ve gleaned over the last six weeks or so using the LoseIt! app, combined with my FitBit. Thing is, I learned so much in practice that I’ve been doing a lot of study and reading so I can explain it with...…Read More