The Basement Home Build That Kicked My Ass

While I was doing my regularly scheduled program last week on the Internet, I was busting my ass and at 56, I came to realize I’m not the spring chicken I used to be. That pic above is basically half the house, as foundation. Years ago, we turned the other half into a bedroom, entertainment…Read More

Interview on The Dark Horses Podcast

Steven Gray says he’s “on a mission to find the Dark Horses. The underdogs. The people who are pursuing singular visions. Whether they are unique in the field of art or business, well-known or completely unknown, I want to find them and hear their stories.” I like that. I don’t know whether or not I…Read More

High-Protein, Moderate-Fat, Sane Carb Jalapeño Burgers and Mash

You’ll love ’em. Don’t call The Ketotards though (protein too high, fat too low). So, let’s talk about proper lean/fat ratio for ground beef, per the specific application. Absolutely, if you’re going big juicy-fatties on the grill for your personal burger bar, with fixin’s, 80/20 or just get the fuck out. However, for tacos, chili,…Read More

Keto [Tard] Diet Update #2: Dr. Adam Nally Will Completely Shut Down Your Body Fat Burning For Six Months, For The Low Price of $5,997

Yes, I already mocked this screen clip in Ketotard Diet Update #1. But “DocMuscles'” sales page—““how do I get into ketosis?””—is just simply the gift that keeps on giving. Let’s ridicule it some more. …His whole approach too, and his money-grubbing bromance with jimmy moore. We’ll take a completely different angle this time. Still science, just a different…Read More