What Do You Mean When You Say Ketosis?

One of the reasons for pursuing my Ketotard Chronicles campaign is to promote a greater sense of critical distinction when talking about ketogenic diets or other situations where ketones are elevated. I think there exists a great deal of confusion, conflation, and in some cases, outright obfuscation and larceny (which I’ve touched on). Basically, “Keto”...…Read More

Ketogenic Fruit Hack?

On the heels of my latest post, I want to toss out a falsifying idea. The idea that needs falsifying, again and all the time, is the notion that low carbohydrate dietary intake is required to measure ketones such that you’re considered “in ketosis.” Nothing gets you into ketosis faster than not eating anything You can...…Read More

What Ketotard Chronicles Is, and Is Not

I guess it’s time for me to spell out some shit. First of all, my motivation for starting this group was—rather than be some advocate for a particular way of doing diets that produce ketones as by-products of resultant fat loss—I wanted to shine a spotlight on the general retardedness, purveying of dietary magic, and the...…Read More

Nutritional Bankruptcy: The Real Reason To Avoid “Nutritional Ketosis”

Yes, that’s Wagyu beef liver, onions, and potatoes I cooked last week. A big part of the goings on at my Ketotard Chronicles Group concerns the following utter bullshit promoted by ketotards, ketoshysters and ketophants (a ketotarded sycophant of ketoshysters; e.g., Jimmy Moore and that ilk). Calories don’t matter; don’t bother counting them. Limit both carbohydrate and...…Read More

I Have Never Slept With Tom Naughton

Just had to get that out of the way. It’s just a stupid post and that’s all there is to say about it. UPDATE: Tom’s problem is he’s just fucking wrong and rather than just admit he’s fucking wrong and has been wrong for a long time, he keeps pretending he’s been right all along...…Read More

My Paleo Book is Republished

Some may have noticed the book now on the sidebar. Yea, it’s mine. I wrote it some years back and I forget, but it came in at about 100 pages or so. A year later, I collaborated with Hyperink Publishing once again to put out a greatly expanded Version 2.0, now about 263 pages in print...…Read More