Cryptocurrency Trade Notice

Now that the 21 Convention talk is behind me (here’s a clip someone posted on Facebook), Time to make some trades. Yeah! Alright, so per the How-To (I’ve now created a “featured tag” to easily find that post as it gets pushed down the page), on Monday I initiated a bank transfer of $200 to Coinbase via ACH, which is free. Yesterday, Friday, it was available in my account and so now I’m using the…Read More


No male in the history of humanity ever did more to celebrate, enhance, and encourage the rational male drive to love, adore, protect, fight for, and die for the female. Other’s did a lot, but most of it revolved around duty, shame, and obligation. Hugh was among the first, but unarguably the best, to show us why we would want to do it anyway, because it was always visceral. And it’s not like tits and…Read More

#TakeTheKnee Is Unserious, Immature, Childish Bullshit

I’m an anarchist. Not a particular fan of any state, but I’ll tolerate America more than most, on balance. Am I a patriot? Well, if that means unequivocal support for elections and the product of them, no I am not. If that means America as an idea and ideal, then I guess I am. A country, territory, culture, or melange of cultures is not the state—anymore than a map is the territory. Those who have…Read More

What’s Coming Next In Cryptocurrency

New #FridayFreebie post at Patreon. OK folks, now that the preliminaries are out of the way, such as the nature of fiat currency, the justification for being in cryptocurrency, what positions I’m holding, my own portfolio, and the How-To Guide, it’s time to move onto the next phase of this, which is to evaluate current and potential future holdings. So, in that regard, I’ve been diving deep and taking notes. I hope to have something…Read More

Mark Sisson Schools Jimmy Moore On Keto Clarity

Well I never thought I’d be recommending a Jimmy Moore, Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb podcast again—even though I’ve been a guest three times and a host once. I just can’t take it…until I can, I guess, and this is one of those times because, you see, Mark Sisson is uniquely suited and positioned to be the one to very diplomatically shine a light on Jimmy’s endless stream of bullshit and excuses—like his latest one…mold made…Read More

How To Trade Cryptocurrencies

It’s a very unfamiliar world for most people but over the years has become less and less daunting, owing to the rise of exchanges and other various tools. We’re going to cover it all right below so read on. This is to be a “living” guide that I regularly review and update as new information and tools become available, are adopted, and embraced. For this initial release, It’s my aim to make it straightforward, not…Read More

My Interview at Sigma Nutrition Radio – Ketosis: A Call For for Context & Sanity

Danny Lennon has a really great podcast—solid, science, no bullshit—and that’s why I was eager to get on and get this message out. Given all the nonsense out there about Keto, eat more fat, eat less protein, calories don’t count, and all manner of other ketotarded and fucktarded bullshit, there’s no better place than Danny’s deal. Bullshit and hype just doesn’t fly or float on that podcast. Discussions around ketosis Calorie-deficit induced ketogenic diet vs.…Read More

I Trolled Mark Zuckerberg

I was back on Facebook after my 7th ban—the last 3 or 4 being 30-day sentences—last Wednesday evening. It lasted three days. I’m banned once again, incident #8. Was it over these posts I put up last night? This, this, or this? Was it creating this on the spot, Richard Nikoley’s Fuhrerbook Chronicles? A place to mock, ridicule, and laf at the pip-squeaks and clowns who run Facebook’s Social Justice Warrior “Community Standards” BS sycodouche.…Read More

What’s The Best Price To Buy Gold?

There’s an old photo-bug saying that goes something like this: “what’s the best camera?” and the answer is, “the one you brought with you.” Applying that same pithy wit to the question posed in this post’s title, the answer could be “the price at which you bought it.” Here’s a chart for the USD price for an ounce of gold over the last 100 years. No adjusting for inflation (because it’s tantamount to a measure…Read More

Trade Notice – Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, TokenCard, and Potcoin

As I said in the “what you get” section, I’ll always post my trades as soon as confirmed. This does not mean you should and it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. Yesterday afternoon I got a bit of a windfall by booking a 9-night stay at my Cabo vacation rental. Looking at the price activity of BTC today, I saw a buy opportunity on the dip and bought… Read the rest at Patreon, including having access…Read More

Which Cryptocurrencies I Hold

Before I get to the list, let’s talk about overall strategy. Within a few days, I’ll be posting the Big How-To: buy with your existing fiat currency, sell back into your currency, buy other coins, send and receive any kind of coin you have, and how to store them. But before I put that out, I want you to at least know which coins I’m holding, and perhaps which others commenters see value in holding.…Read More

Cryptocurrency and the Nature of Modern Money

[The following is a public post to my new Patreon Presence, from where I’ll be doing all my cryptocurrency writing.] This is my first post to this new medium of information exchange, Patreon. As a prelude to what I’ll be creating in exchange for your patronage in the days and months to come, let me introduce myself. I’m Richard Nikoley. I live in the Sierras at 4,200 feet of elevation. I Graduated from Oregon State…Read More

You Can’t Afford Not To Jump Into Cryptocurrency

In March of 2014, I bought my first Bitcoin. $618. Can you guess why? The chart should be a clue. It was just a few months prior when it actually did something I found notable. It began attracting more and more interest, rising in price as more and more dollars began chasing fewer and fewer Bitcoin. Ah, there’s a market, now. There’s bid, ask, and the spread. Well, of course, there always was these things,…Read More

PURE Bullshit

  I tried to ignore this. The Prospective Urban Rural Epidemiology (PURE) study. I cringed all week long as people everywhere were just delightfully sharing the good news! You can boil all the breathless headlines down to: Carbohydrates Will Kill You!!! Saturated Fat Will Save Your Life!!! We’ve Got It All Wrong Again!!! But We’re Right This Time!!! Only, that’s not really what the study actually said… But it doesn’t matter; it’s just stupid from the…Read More