ZERO: Finally, a Debit Card That Rewards Like a Credit Card

I’ve been very interested in how things financial are changing. I get a true sense that a trend is afoot where people are becoming more interested in meaningful, more frugal, more austere lives over unbridled consumption and high-reward living. Maybe I’m wrong. It’s just a sense. Perhaps it’s my head-down nature into The Satoshi Revolution…Read More

Bitcoin Breaks $5,000 With Authority

Now trading at $5,300. But I thought all the “experts” said this “bubble” of “irrational exuberance” over something with “no intrinsic value” was done, done, and done nearly four years ago, when it hit $1,000 at the end of 2013, creating hundreds, even thousands of Bitcoin millionaires? They’re experts, right? How could they have been…Read More

EtherDelta: Peer-To-Peer Exchange Trading

[This is a post I originally began on my blog, FreeTheAnimal, in order to signal that I would be delving into it here on Patreon far more, but I’d rather put it here as a public post, cross post it to FTA, and then go from there, in-depth, for Patrons.] Patron John Salwin posted in…Read More

Sunday Church: Bitcoin Is Not An Equity

Another post to Patreon, delivering value for $5 per month, all inclusive. Since delving into all of this crypto stuff very deep and having a million things to write about over time, I find one annoying conflation that runs equally deep. You can spot this conflation easily. Every time you hear someone in the Main…Read More

What’s Been Up: The Personal Stuff And The Future

Two weeks ago we headed out by automobile. Five hours to my brother’s place in Tehachapi, CA, where we spent the night. Then a few more hours to Vista, CA, the next day. Beatrice’s parents live there. Early the next morning, Bea delivered me to the airport at San Diego where I boarded an Alaska…Read More