Bitcoin Breaks $5,000 With Authority

Now trading at $5,300. But I thought all the “experts” said this “bubble” of “irrational exuberance” over something with “no intrinsic value” was done, done, and done nearly four years ago, when it hit $1,000 at the end of 2013, creating hundreds, even thousands of Bitcoin millionaires? They’re experts, right? How could they have been...…Read More

Sunday Church: Bitcoin Is Not An Equity

Another post to Patreon, delivering value for $5 per month, all inclusive. Since delving into all of this crypto stuff very deep and having a million things to write about over time, I find one annoying conflation that runs equally deep. You can spot this conflation easily. Every time you hear someone in the Main...…Read More

Apparently The Japanese Government Doesn’t Think Bitcoin Is A Joke

Note to all the naysayers, mockers, and Luddites: See the story here. That is all. …Well, no, wait. For years and years, I’ve been watching so-called libertarians spout off about money, finance, FRB, gold, etc. They have never fooled me. Neither do the “experts” who’ve—since 2010—written 171 obituaries for Bitcoin and counting.... This content is…Read More