Why Mixed Race People Never, Ever, Ever Identify As White: No Money In It

You just hate me. I ruin everything.

I make you feel fucking stupid.

It’s my job.

I’ve known dozens of mixed-race folk over my life of 56 years. And I have never known…

A. Single. One.

…who didn’t tout the black, brown, yellow, or red in them while simultaneously downplaying the white.

Every. Single. One.

No. Exceptions.


Follow the money.

…And you sit there and wonder why I laugh, and think that almost everyone on the planet is fucking stupid.

White folk are being taken for a big rocket-ship ride straight to hell. And it pains me that all the dependents are necessarily coming along for the ride.

It’s only by the grace of Western Civilization that the world still exists more prosperous than ever, and white folk created that—right out in front of everybody and everything.

Because, pretty much: if black, brown, yellow, or red were in charge, we’d be a wasteland by now, or at least all yellow (Asians are the most pure racist/tribalist of all races in my experience…but they love your money).

None have come even remotely close to developing the culture white folk have, beginning with the Greeks. Where in the holy muther of fuck! to you think racial inclusiveness comes from in the first place? White industrialism and capitalism. Capitalism is the most color-blind -ism ever. It capitalizes on talent, expertise, and results, competitively. Meaning, if you’re racist, fine, your competitor gets the clever black guy and you don’t.

This is all shit white people came up with, bitches.

I’m a culturist.

I love being 100% white, of 100% Euro descent, of the very core of actual civilization—in spite of many sins along the way that didn’t need to be—and of those who used their minds to raise all boats with secular philosophy, industry, and technology. And to the extent that yellow has contributed to that (the only other civilization to do so), to their great welcoming credit, they mostly copied whitey (which is cool too…competition…baked into the cake).

Hip Hop culture doesn’t understand (too fucking stupid on every level). We don’t care how low you sink and in our indifference, you still sink lower, such that we might at least express a degree of hatred (you’re not worth the feeling). Keep sinking, worthless fucks. Same goes for the brown gang-bangers who can’t take a personal insult without creating a neighborhood war. Worse than my wife’s 5th grade girls she used to teach. There is no being more immature in the whole wide world than a brown gang banger. Nobody has more fragile emotions, including infant children.

This is ALL a function of culture!

UPDATE: I’ve had so far two morons who cared to comment that didn’t get the distinction between race and culture. One had 45 posted comments here and the other one was a first-timer.

Both were summarily dismissed and the former will never post here again.

Here’s a hint. If you can’t very explicitly explicate the critical distinction between race and culture, you’re going to bore me. If you conflate race and culture in such a way that you see this post as racist, you’re eternally too stupid for me and my friends. You’re dismissed as too too stupid for me. And we can’t help you.

Most people are completely stupid and approach posts like this with hubris—the intellectual original sin—and they never get over it. Until you do, you are lost to me, too stupid for me. It’s a theme. I’ve been at this a while.

Critical distinction between race and culture is essential and there is no other way, and it’s simple.

Race is race. Everyone is born of a certain one. But, everyone could choose any culture they wish. That race correlates with culture is just that, a correlation, and it is solidly the left, throughout much history, who prefer that culture and race are blurred and always conflated, not distinctive.

Back in the day, late 80’s, as the deck Officer on USS Reeves, I had 65 deck apes, enlistees too stupid to have any other rating…electrician, mechanic, electronic tech, even admin. Stupid deck apes. Half of them Harlem hip hops and half of them white midwest rednecks. It was hilarious to me how they always tried to be each-other. Then, I read Thomas Sowell, a black intellectual who explained it all.

You stupid fucks aren’t even well read on the topic: Black Rednecks & White Liberals, by Thomas Sowell.

Jesus, I get so tired of Dunning-Kruger fucks too stupid to even understand the depths of their ignorance. I’ve been at this shit for 30 years, just as intense, every day. Your bullshit only serves to shore up my focussed misanthropy.

Richard Nikoley

I'm Richard Nikoley. Free The Animal began in 2003 and as of 2021, contains 5,000 posts. I blog what I wish...from health, diet, and food to travel and lifestyle; to politics, social antagonism, expat-living location and time independent—while you sleep—income. I celebrate the audacity and hubris to live by your own exclusive authority and take your own chances. Read More


  1. Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:36

    Lynn says:

    Do you think there could be a feedback loop between culture and genes?

    • Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:36

      No, not in any technical sense.

      Individual will trumps indoctrination every time.

      If you’re asking me if some are weaker than others, I’d say everyone is weak, and that includes non-human animals. Every being is corruptable by weakness.

      Some cultures are better than others at overcoming it rather than relying on it.

      BTW, 45-post commenter Perter caught a lifetime ban for his comment. The leftist fucktard will never post here again.

      Who wants to try me next?

      I don’t do two strikes, anymore.

  2. Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:42

    Jason says:

    Yeah… I can see people with half African and half Caucasian descent wanting to identify as one or the other, but then you get people with 1/8 African and 7/8 Caucasian descent insisting on identifying as black only, which makes no sense at all. Of course, they play the culture card as their excuse, in the ridiculous belief that race serves as some sort of entrance ticket to a particular culture (or sub-culture). True, in many cases a particular culture *originated* with a particular race, but the idea of culture as some static, never-changing ideal, or that only the originating race has the “right” to participate in it (with the obvious exception of “white” culture; funny how everyone else has no problem taking part in white culture, even as they aggressively preclude whites from theirs), makes no sense whatsoever.

    Anyway, what did Perter post to get himself banned? I didn’t arrive early enough to see it.

    • Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:42

      Just some stupid bullshit from a moron who can’t draw the critical distinction between race and culture. Just canned a post in the mod queue from a first timer who’s “never coming back again,” as if that’s supposed to give me anything but joy.

      The pic is what we’re dealing with here, with such mush for brains.

  3. Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:43

    Steven says:

    I honestly, could not be more proud of you right now.

    I grew up in Detroit and everyone and I mean everyone that I knew that was half black, hell or even less than that. Whatever admixture you want to put together always identified as black. We are talking people that look white as a sheet with 15% black genes identify as black.

    Myself, I’m 100% Jordanian but I do not look ethnic at all. More than anything I look like a northern Italian with dark hair. And because of that I get into very interesting conversations with people.

    And to be totally honest I tell people that I am Jordanian by heritage but want absolutely nothing to do with that heritage. I am one of the only people I know that wants to be white. But alas the best I can do is act white and then earn the respect of white people. I will take it.

  4. Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:44

    Matasha says:

    Interesting topic Richard. I’m “white”. I’m mostly Slav, but the Ukrainian side is olive toned, likely some Mongol way back. My Inglewood, California-born Grandpa is half Japanese and half Polish. So I am actually 1/8 Japanese. There is a strong resemblance between me and my full Japanese cousins, and I’m enough Japanese that I would have been in an internment camp in WW2.

    The other thing that happens to me is that First Nations people think I am Native. I pass. I think of it in a good way, Native people feel comfortable with me. But an interesting, but negative thing happened when I was in college. I was harassed for not attending and not supporting Native events. I was even accused of “denying” my heritage. Really? Huh.

    I found there was a big push for people to stay “on reserve”, and the only acceptable education was First Nations studies. If you tried to live your own life, make your own choices, total strangers would get in your face. On campus, these people didn’t actually know me, but they still wanted to dictate my choices. I suspect it is the same for other mixed race. Unless you can *pass* as white, your other side will want to pull you back and potentially, pull you down. I visited reserves where known rapists lived next door, or on the same street as their victims. Nothing was done. All the while complaining about the Justice system and the follies of white man government.

    There is definitely more support to be non-white. Probably financial too.

    • Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:44

      Collectivist insanity.

    • Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:45

      Bret adds:

      “There is definitely more support to be non-white. Probably financial too.”

      No doubt, but merely a temporary dopamine high on the road to deeper serfdom. Only teaches them to enjoy benefits not sown by their own effort.

      Which puts them, both individually and collectively, into an even worse social status and at an even greater economic disadvantage.

      I can’t decide whether today’s social “mainstream” of brainless leftists (of all colors and ethnicities) closer resembles Idiocracy or Atlas Shrugged. Either way, one thing’s certain: I don’t have a shred of sympathy for a single one of them. Their futures are wholly within their own control, but they choose to be retards instead.

      When the federal government goes broke, they’re going to be rioting in the streets, 2010 Greek style, demanding government “fix it.”

      That kind of mental retardation is simply beyond words.

    • Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:45

      It’s a rocket ship and they think Elon Musk is at the controls, Bret.

      This is no different from the lead up to any ominous thing where millions got killed, in history.

      You can basically count on almost everyone to be blissfully dumb.

  5. Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:46

    fearless says:

    As a single celibate male (there making sexual signalling a redundant activity) I have often thought of identifying as gay to procure the advantages of affirmative action initiatives in the workplace.

    • Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:46

      Bret replies:

      Do it, fearless. Then when they start seeing you with women, you can tell them that your self discovery is a continuous process, and you’ve realized you’re bi-queer instead of gay-queer.

    • Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:46

      pzo replies:

      Love it, fearless!

  6. Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:47

    Steven says:

    This is the abridged version. Go watch the entire thing. We are dealing with something set in motion by Baby Boomers decades ago. For the most part they really messed up everything.

  7. Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:47

    Anand Srivastava says:

    I have a few points.
    1) civilizations have become advanced and then lost over ages. The current Western civilization has evolved from the civilizations developed in Persia/Iran/Afghanistan. That is evident in how languages have developed.
    2) Greeks were more open than the Romans. And the later Christians were even more closed. Similarly India before the coming of Muslims was pretty open.
    3) The Western Civilization started because of the metal movable type, which was first made easy to use by Gutenberg. It made it easy to disseminate information. The movable type was invented in China.
    4) Things go very well when there are more resources and less contention. Lets see how it flourishes when USD dies. Only time will tell. How well is eastern Europe doing. I guess they don’t have your culture. Its easy to lose ones culture. India did.

  8. Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:48

    Waltermc says:


    The best PBS series is Steven Johnson’s How We Got to Now. It is the history of how free, white men (scientists, engineers and tinkerers), gave us the world we now live in.

    As far as I can remember, Marie Curie was the lone female in the series.

  9. Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:48

    Martin says:

    Hi Richard

    Points well made. I especially like the distinction between race and culture. On that note, do you not think that Christianity had a lot to do with it? I am speaking of its values and ideals rather than some of its practices.


    • Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:48


      Christianity moderated Judaism and then Protestantism moderated them both. Downside is that Islam dug in, but I consider that unimportant in a wide, geopolitical context of things.

  10. Richard Nikoley on October 25, 2017 at 14:49

    pzo says:

    Totally agree, and I speak as one of those dreaded liberals. This is an example why I often say that I don’t march lockstep with everything liberal, I can think for myself, thank you very much.

    Let’s take this a step further. If all cultures are benefiting from the Western contributions, how about women benefiting from men’s contributions? Every home labor saving device from the sewing machine to the washing machine to the microwave oven was invented by men. How about power steering? Big cars made driveable by weaker people (of both sexes.) The inventors of the tampon, of the birth control pill? Yup, men.

    As Paglia points out in, I think, Sexual Personnae, if women ran the world we would still be living in mud huts.

    I make these observations as the proud father of three STEM daughter, engineers and a biologist.

    Facts is facts.

  11. Bobby Mackey on October 25, 2017 at 18:54

    Great article. There are many extremely racist minorities who openly mistreat whites and tge media will not touch this. Black Zfricans actually stared slavery on the Ivory Voast, selling their own into bondsge to the Europeans. The media
    never touched this fact. Slavery started in Africa -initiated by black African kinfs -selling other blacks into slavery

  12. BadCarbsNoDonut on October 26, 2017 at 17:20

    I agree with everything except that I think some mixed Blacks call themselves Black because their dominant features are Black (at least, perhaps, part of the reason). It’s a little difficult to identify as White when you look Black.

    Thanks for this. I tell my friend this stuff all the time and he agrees. All these screams of racism today, it’s not racism it’s a clash of the cultures. And the fact is, people of the same race generally like to hang out with each other. The Regressive Left is trying to push us in an unnatural direction which only causes animosity.

    I also agree that we built this civilization, and left to others, it would not be a place we’d want to live.

    It’s great when you find someone who thinks like you do and isn’t afraid to say it. Kudos.

  13. Foxylibrarian on October 27, 2017 at 09:36

    All I can think about is Liz Taylor as the insane Southern Belle in Raintree County carrying on obsessively about the one drop rule – “Ya got one drop of negro blood in ya….you aaaaaall negro!”

    Seriously, if Sean King, aka Talcum X, can identify as black and reap all the rewards, scholarships, power, etc., then you can see how that leads to people like Rachel Dolezal trying to home in on the action? They are the Skells (panhandlers who pretend to be wounded veterans) of race guilt culture.

    Tree of Logic, a retired black cop, did a fantastic expose video of Sean King, and this phenomenon in general:

  14. Jen W. on October 29, 2017 at 19:09

    There are many points discussed by Benjamin Boyce and two others in this video entitled The Core Mechanics of Social Justice, that are relevant to this post:

  15. Carlos Marrero on March 11, 2018 at 22:26

    My name is Carlos Marrero and I’m White. My dad is from Cuba. I grew up in a white place with white people and consider myself white. For me it’s cause that’s the culture I grew up in. I could never be said to represent Latinos or whatever you call it. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t white, even though like life itself, it’s complicated.

    As an aside, the author seems so angry that it makes me feel suspicion. I don’t know what that means but I wanted to be honest about what I’m feeling as I read this post.

  16. Frank Zimmermann on April 24, 2018 at 07:45

    I got to this site after reading Beatrix Hamburgs obituary and watching a couple of her videos, I got curious as to why this white looking women claimed to be black, A picture of her farther appears he is white and she makes hardly a mention of her mother who raised her as a widow along with her grandparents and minster grandfather. who i assume were black or mixed black probably given her lack of color. She did as you say and took advantage of it in her time. She even said she did not identify with the black race or even knew much about its culture. Confirmation perhaps about how you think about this subject.

  17. mir maid on October 21, 2020 at 14:15

    I identify as white but am half white and half mexican. On college applications I marked hispanic so I’d get financial aid and be accepted more places.

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