Bitcoin FOMO: The TL;DR, Get In Today, NOW

Let’s get through this quick and dirty. This is a public post, both on FreeTheAnimal and on Patreon. Free to all. I want as many of my Patrons who haven’t yet dived in—perhaps suffering the paralysis of analysis—to get into an initial stake today. I want anyone else out there who’s scared to death, or...…Read More

The Bitcoin Order Book Hard Wall Of 10K

There’s going to be one hellava selloff at $10,000 per Bitcoin. Of course, the order book is merely the whole collection of open orders that have yet to be filled, and as such, can change rapidly. The green area represents the bids (limit orders to buy at a certain price) and the red area represents...…Read More

LOL Jimmy Moore’s Ketotard Failure After Failure

It is to laugh. Since starting the Facebook group Richard Nikoley’s Ketotard Chronicles for the purpose of mocking and ridiculing ketotardedness, Jimmy Moore’s list of failures grows and grows. Dr. Adam Nally (see here and here) quits the KetoTalk Podcast and distances himself Dr. Jason Fung pushes Jimmy out of the Intermittent Fasting podcast, and I...…Read More

The Satoshi Bubble of 2009 Continues

In other news, Whole Crypto Roundup posted on Patreon. The Big News – Bitcoin up to $8,000, from under $6,000 in the space of a week. Be Careful How Secure You Want to Be – Don’t make your Crypto wallet so secure even you can’t get to your $300 Million. First World Luxury Problems – Expert...…Read More

Show Business Shenanigans

I’m rarely speechless about anything, but I’m reeling with laughter the last couple of days. All these people who presume to tell us how to live. How to keep up with it? I’d posted this on Facebook the other day, even before hearing of the allegations over that “troubled,” sanctimonious, lying con-man asshole, George Takei....…Read More