The Satoshi Bubble of 2009 Continues

In other news, Whole Crypto Roundup posted on Patreon.

  • The Big News Bitcoin up to $8,000, from under $6,000 in the space of a week.
  • Be Careful How Secure You Want to Be – Don’t make your Crypto wallet so secure even you can’t get to your $300 Million.
  • First World Luxury Problems – Expert FUD.
  • The Satoshi Revolution – By Wendy McElroy.
  • LEAP Options on Bitcoin – Both crypto and conventional hedge funds will be very interested.
  • Discord Platform – A real-time gamer communication platform including voice, a new Patreon reward for all.
  • Patron Polls – Getting the data I need to d a thorough job.
  • Update – Bad, bad Bitfinex.

Read all the details here.

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