Crypto: Jason Hreha Is Fucktarded About Both FOMO And Bitcoin

Got this in my email just now. Look, it’s just hilarious to me. It’s a delicious mix of an inability to differentiate rational from irrational fear from a “behavioral scientist,” combined with a big mix of Dunning-Kruger about the viability of Bitcoin, from a “behavioral scientist.” Where in the holy fuck do they come up…Read More

Crypto: Post 21 Convention Interview

At the end of September I gave a talk on cryptocurrency at the 21 Convention in Orlando, Florida. The public release of that video will be forthcoming at a future time and I’ll publish it here when it does. In the meantime, here’s a brief interview. Curious about Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency phenomenon? Then check…Read More

Andreas Antonopoulos Becomes Instant Bitcoin Millionaire

[Reposted from Patreon] I don’t know if you’ve been following the story over the last couple of days but it’s emotional on many levels. Here’s Andreas from the Wikipedia POV. He has a website, YouTube, and a Patreon too. Yes, I’m a Patron. Back in August, when I was chewing on what to do next—as…Read More

$1 Million Bitcoin In 2018?

[Crossposted from Patreon] Greetings patrons and general public. Well, after 9.5 hours on the road yesterday in a motorhome, from Santa Barbara, CA—a 1-night stopover and hosting of Dr. Michael Eades at camp for a charcoal BBQ dinner—to Arnold, CA in the Sierras, I’m finally back at my normal desk after 10 days. I’m up…Read More