Show Business Shenanigans

I’m rarely speechless about anything, but I’m reeling with laughter the last couple of days. All these people who presume to tell us how to live. How to keep up with it? I’d posted this on Facebook the other day, even before hearing of the allegations over that “troubled,” sanctimonious, lying con-man asshole, George Takei.…Read More

What Is A Cryptocurrency “Wallet” Really?

Since this post Sunday afternoon, my number of Patrons on Patreon has shot up by about 40, now over 270. Quite a ride. So, I decided to really dig deep into security, because I think a lot of folks worry about that, with good reason. And so, I cover the gamut of security options, from…Read More

I’m My Own Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency

On September 8, 2017, I launched a gig, not on a whim, but on much trepidation. Since my wife’s retirement as a 35-year school teacher in June, she had watched me in action and while not putting her foot down, really encouraged me to get paid for what I do anyway. Not via ads, pop-ups,…Read More

Notes On Teeka Tiwari’s Cryptocurrency Webcast

Dubbed an “Emergency Biefing,” Tiwari staged a webcast through Palm Beach Group last evening. I knew it was essentially going to be a sales presentation for a high-end Alert service all these folks are always trying to up sell you on (Palm Beach, Agora, Altucher, Casey, etc.) to the tune of $2,000 to $3,000 per…Read More

ZERO: Finally, a Debit Card That Rewards Like a Credit Card

I’ve been very interested in how things financial are changing. I get a true sense that a trend is afoot where people are becoming more interested in meaningful, more frugal, more austere lives over unbridled consumption and high-reward living. Maybe I’m wrong. It’s just a sense. Perhaps it’s my head-down nature into The Satoshi Revolution…Read More

Bitcoin Breaks $5,000 With Authority

Now trading at $5,300. But I thought all the “experts” said this “bubble” of “irrational exuberance” over something with “no intrinsic value” was done, done, and done nearly four years ago, when it hit $1,000 at the end of 2013, creating hundreds, even thousands of Bitcoin millionaires? They’re experts, right? How could they have been…Read More

EtherDelta: Peer-To-Peer Exchange Trading

[This is a post I originally began on my blog, FreeTheAnimal, in order to signal that I would be delving into it here on Patreon far more, but I’d rather put it here as a public post, cross post it to FTA, and then go from there, in-depth, for Patrons.] Patron John Salwin posted in…Read More

Sunday Church: Bitcoin Is Not An Equity

Another post to Patreon, delivering value for $5 per month, all inclusive. Since delving into all of this crypto stuff very deep and having a million things to write about over time, I find one annoying conflation that runs equally deep. You can spot this conflation easily. Every time you hear someone in the Main…Read More

What’s Been Up: The Personal Stuff And The Future

Two weeks ago we headed out by automobile. Five hours to my brother’s place in Tehachapi, CA, where we spent the night. Then a few more hours to Vista, CA, the next day. Beatrice’s parents live there. Early the next morning, Bea delivered me to the airport at San Diego where I boarded an Alaska…Read More

Cryptocurrency Trade Notice

Now that the 21 Convention talk is behind me (here’s a clip someone posted on Facebook), Time to make some trades. Yeah! Alright, so per the How-To (I’ve now created a “featured tag” to easily find that post as it gets pushed down the page), on Monday I initiated a bank transfer of $200 to…Read More