Transformational Wisdom

Since my last post about my personal troubles, here and on Patreon, I’ve had quite a warm reception via a number of means. Here, on Patreon, on Facebook, and via lengthy emails were folks divulge personal information from their own experiences in an effort to say: you’ll get through it. One I received this morning…Read More

What In The Hell Is Up With Richard Nikoley?

I suppose it’s time to provide context. I’m posting this here, and on Patreon. In February of 2001, Beatrice Fabela and I got married at Rocky Point, 10 miles south of Carmel, CA. It was after about 4 years of living together, two of those since buying a house in Willow Glen in San Jose,…Read More

Kitchen: Air Fryer Steak Frites

I caved, got an air fryer. Why? Because I create delicious dishes, for one. For number two, it is very, very difficult to do stovetop without added fats. It’s really impossible, and I won’t delineate all the reasons why. There is the broiler, but it’s messy, and very hard to control. Fish is pretty easy…Read More