The Political Antagonism Always Marches But Don’t Forget To Celebrate Humanity

I have a couple of fart warming items this morning. I always try to see at least something each day that gives me the catharsis needed to continue to have a modicum of faith in humanity whilst generally being focussed on misanthropy.

I watched this one a couple of times. Laddies and gentlemen, if ever in NYC again I’m seeking out this guy for a shoe shine.

Watch it. The dude cracks me the fuck up. He shames people into a shoe shine, and it works. LOL. I love it.

He even has a very essential message: freedom. He’s open for business when he’s open. Contrast that with a new associate in a law or accountancy firm who has to put in 80 hours per week or he’ll never make partner in 10 years. Or, a doctor doing residency and is so sleep and amusement deprived he or she could make serious mistakes in emergency care. And, most of those have loans to pay off while this guy will never have to even think about it, so think about that.

Consider proposing to a high-schooler: “you can be a law parter, accountancy partner, doctor, or a surgeon after hundreds of thousands in education and qualification that may take a decade after you start making real money to start making real money. Or, you could go shine shoes in Manhattan NYC for $900 per day, when you care to work.”


In other news, a couple of pilots did calm, solid work this morning to the eternal joy of their 100 passengers.

Not a bad day.

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