Random Crazy Crypto Market Musings

Well what a week, eh?

Who’s panicked?

Who bought high and sold low (to those who kept averaging in with regular consistent buys as Crypto markets move up and down)?

Who’s happy and who’s sad? Angry? Who’s been holding off to jump into these markets and now sees opportunity? Who concludes this just isn’t for them? Who’s been buying regularly all the way down and will keep buying regularly on the eventual and [I think] certain trip back up?

Here’s my general take. I don’t look at my portfolios very often, neither the Patreon nor my personal. In fact, I haven’t even looked at my personal portfolio in over a month. I don’t care about the prices. If I think about it at all, which I try to avoid, then I think instead about other things in the history of human civilization that were true game changers.

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