Yes You Heard That Right. I Have Registered To Vote

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I actually just registered to vote. Held my nose and went with Republican (because primaries). Unbelievable. Last time I voted in the Presidential was ’96, Harry Browne. Last time I voted at all was in the CA recall election to oust that weasel Gray Davis in favor of Aaaanold (a disaster too). Crazy. I’ve been at this liberty gig, generally stated, for just shy of 3 decades (28 years). I still say we’ll…Read More

The Abortion Of “Little Richard” Nikoley

This post began with my own mind being within my own mind. Some call it introspection. Others, Stewing; and still others, reflections. In this particular context, there’s only one thing that ties all of the denominators together and that’s human regret, perhaps sorrow. It’s less important that you can do anything about it than whether you have the capacity to reflect on how you might have done it better and then, in understanding, put it…Read More

Carets: Minimalist, High-Tech, High-Quality Dress Shoes For Men

Way back in August, 2011 and immediately after my presentation at the Ancestral Health Symposium at UCLA, I was approached by a young man, Mountain Evan Chang, about shoes. It was ironic, because I was barefoot at the time. But Mountain knew of my thing for minimalist shoes. Turned out that he was trying to develop a line of minimalist men’s dress shoes. In other words, develop hyper-quality dress shoes you could wear with pride…Read More

Unequivocal Proof That “LivinLowCarbMan” Jimmy Moore is a Menace

jimmy moore is an evil menace to society, to all that is decent and good. I believe he should be criminally prosecuted at this point and if successful, stripped of every penny he’s pilfered; and if there was any justice in the world, spend time sitting in a jail cell to think about all the harm he’s foisted upon innocent people. This goes far beyond well-intentioned mistakes, at this point. It even goes beyond the…Read More