The Maddening Yet Delightful Gulf Between Man and Woman

On the heels of yesterday’s post kicking off a new series, I’ve realized that Propertarianism is replete with males, yet it’s fully accessible to females and actually seeks to restore to them full power as females, the true power they squandered since they traded it away for the bait-and-switch of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution—giving them faux power so they just, ineffectively, shut up. It was power evolved over millions of years that they could truly count on because it’s already in all of them. It’s baked into the female cake.

Instead, they bargained for a pat-on-the-head seat at the political table, an entry into the Guinness Book of World Records for most gossip, and the great distinction of sporting the most laughable fashion statement at political rallies in the history of humanity: the pussy hat. Pathetic.

Look back. Look way, way back. What political agenda created or advanced by the female in general has been something to lift humanity and add to the commons—the things we all benefit from in kind—like industry, technology, jobs? None. Instead, every single female-political measure over all time has been designed to take the accumulated value of the commons and say, “look, there’s loot there; I can promise it to my own constituency for FREE!” Of course, males engage in the same political parasitism but, at least they have the role of attending to the storehouse of the commons; or, at least, slow down the rate of looting and raping by females.

My first post on Propertatianism mentioned a book I read long ago. The Neo-Tech Discovery. I read it twice. Once in 1990 and a second time in 1991. Then I put it down and went off writing on my own. Yet, now and then I recall something that really grabbed me and I never forgot it.

Amongst many other things, the book contains “114 Neo-Tech Advantages,” touted to be hierarchically integrated, such that you gain more insight by reading them in order.

Here’s #106, out of chronological order, one of my favorites.


Throughout the universe, much remains unknown. Yet, nothing tangible or conceptual is unknowable to the conscious mind. But with human emotions, certain specific feelings in a person can never be known or experienced by others. For all human emotions are products of individual characters based on unique fingerprint combinations of physical and psychological natures. That means personal, unique experiences cannot be duplicated by others. Thus, any emotion in any individual person can never be exactly understood or fully known by any other person. Recognizing one’s inability to know certain emotional experiences in others is particularly useful in romantic-love relationships. Two important emotional experiences that cannot be cross-experienced or fully known between men and women are identified below:

1. The Penetrated versus The Penetrator Experiences and Feelings

A man can never fully know the feelings, sensations, and emotions of a woman being penetrated during intercourse. Likewise, a woman can never fully know the feelings, sensations, and emotions of a man penetrating a woman. That eternal mystery of feelings further deepens between a man and a woman when they try to comprehend the feelings of orgasm in the other.

That eternal, unsolvable mystery between the sexes enhances the pleasure and excitement of a love relationship as each partner struggles to get closer to the other’s feelings and experiences. But they can never close the gap. Never can the feelings of orgasm in one partner be known or felt by the other partner. And for romantic-love partners, that elusive mystery is delightfully maddening and eternally challenging. That unknown quality can forever keep the heterosexual[ 83 ] experience fresh, haunting, and mysterious. Men and women can only imagine the feelings and emotions in the other, always wondering yet never knowing how distant their imaginations are from reality.

2. Female-Nature Versus Male-Nature Experiences and Feelings

A number of exclusive male or female emotions and experiences can never be fully experienced across sexual boundaries. Two examples are illustrated below:

An Exclusive Female Experience:

An implicit, constant physical threat toward women exists from essentially every man. That threat exists because the different physical and psychological natures of man and woman leave most men with the power literally to kill any woman at any time. Even smaller, weaker men could kill most bigger, stronger women in a bare-hand fight to the death. Thus, most women are perpetually at the physical mercy of men.

Under that threat, women often must silently take the degradation of being bullied or treated as sex objects as their earned qualities are ignored. No man can fully know that particular degradation because he has no way of duplicating the conditions which create that uniquely female situation. Even if the man were unjustly treated as a sex object, he would still have no way of knowing the woman’s feelings. For unlike women, his different physiological, psychological, and social orientations do not leave him under a constant, implicit death threat.

An Exclusive Male Experience:

A strong emotion felt by highly productive men is the desire for a peaceful core to counterbalance their aggressively assertive lives. That desire usually relates to a woman with whom such a man is free to retreat from his battlefield actions to experience peaceful love, tenderness, serenity. For only during that precious time is he free to fully expose and share his soul exclusively with another human being — his woman. During those moments, that woman becomes to him the supreme value in all the universe.

Ironically, the strongest, most productive, independent men have the greatest need and capacity to receive a woman’s love, support, and tenderness. Tragically, however, many such men never recognize or admit, even to themselves, that supremely important emotional need and pleasure. Similarly, strong men often never admit to other emotional needs such as being free to cry when suffering great sadness or pain. …A man crying has been erroneously viewed as a weakness or unmanly.

Many women are unaware of the need in productive men for a peaceful, private world containing a one-woman love. But women who understand that need hold a key for delivering powerful values and happiness to their men and to themselves. Understanding and filling the need for a peaceful, reflective core in aggressively productive men is among the most powerful of all binding ingredients in romantic-love relationships.

Aggressively productive women also have a need to periodically retreat into peaceful reflection. Yet, that need does not comprise the same psychosexual emotions as within men because of the inherent psychological and physiological differences between men and women.

[ 83 ] The homosexual experience of male-male or female-female intercourse cannot really simulate the exclusive male-female experience. Homosexuals fail to simulate heterosexual experiences not only because of the obvious physiological differences, but because of the profound psychological differences involved between the homosexual act and the heterosexual act. Even when the physical actions are the same (such as oral sex), the wide psychological differences between men and women preclude similarities in emotional experiences.

Over a couple of decades of having this worm in my brain, the most profound of it for me has always been the exclusive female experience of knowing at all times she’s amongst predators, all of whom could kill her. Men don’t think like that, though it can certainly happen.

I was wondering this afternoon what could be a similar, unending—not situational, not fleeting—feeling for a male and of course: prison. Imagine being a rather diminutive or small male in prison. What will your survival instincts have you doing? Sucking cock and letting your butthole be a thrusting ground.

I really hate it when people joke about rape in prison.

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  1. Alex S on April 25, 2018 at 09:57

    Interesting stuff. Of course, as a gay male, I can’t relate. It would be nice if I found a book or blog that discusses homosexual relationships with the same amount of depth, and more importantly, accuracy. I’d like to settle down someday and I have no role models for how to operate in my kind of relationship.

    • Richard Nikoley on April 25, 2018 at 12:03

      Dude. I’ve had many close gay and lesbian friends and all I could ever tell any of them when we’re all inebriated and honest is that I’ve considered it in fantasy but it always leaves me personally disgusted. But that’s just me.

      So all I can say is that you’re outliers and that’s fine with me. I have no problem getting along IRL with gay and lez folk. Zero. They tend to like and love me. I’m just honest, frank, and explicit about all of it and I think they tend to appreciate that.

    • Alex S on April 26, 2018 at 07:03

      For sure, you can include me in that appreciative group, been reading the blog for 10 years my friend 🙂

  2. wallycat on April 26, 2018 at 07:38

    Alex, what a sweet post. I also have lots of gay and lesbian friends and honestly, though whom you make love to may be different (and differently), I think love and bonding are all very similar. Giving of yourself and they of themselves; trying to make the other person happy, secure and let them know you care. Thinking about them ahead of your own needs; enjoying their company (laughter, knowledge, skills, etc) and honesty. I think that speaks to all sexes and relationships. It helps us “grow old” together when it isn’t “just about sex,” and it helps us select someone because hot sex can be had often and with many; caring and sharing and loving someone enough to want to put their needs first; to feel like they make you (and you them) a better person…that’s the hard part regardless of how one defines themselves.

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