Why You’re Failing On The Keto Diet

It’s in our nature to seek paths of least resistance. It’s not a particularly bad thing. Conserve energy, obtain more for less, and reduce the often greater risks associated with high energy and effort. It’s not necessarily lazy and can sometimes be smart. In the realm of diets, however, this human tendency often goes off…Read More

Fix The Gut To Fix Immune Problems And Inflammation

—Why the gut is responsible for allergies, acne, depression, and more… Why is gut health important? What is autoimmune disease? What causes inflammation? How do you boost your immune system..? …Imagine a top student from a highly intelligent alien race was taking an exam on interplanetary biology. A question comes up asking the alien to…Read More

Human Female Sexual Selection Is Multi Variable

Why females select the males they select and open their gates is an interesting study or contemplation. This is not a formal Propertarian post. The distinction being that, in formal posts, I’m dutifully taking up my responsibility to select Propertarian curriculum in relevant and contextual chunks and translate it to wider audiences. But, because Propertarianism…Read More