Cosmopolitan Magazine Is Iconic. What Have They Done To Themselves?

We no longer have to wonder. I’ll show you what they’ve done. Here. Makes you want to rush right out and buy it, right? After all, nothing sells like resigning to the worst we can do, rather than constantly pushing forward towards the best that can be done. Is this where we’re at, now? Give up? Resign? Let’s just be fat and ugly, blowing sweat-hog farts in the general direction of naysayers? I’m not defending…Read More

AirFryer New York Strip with Sautéed Peas

Well this one is so easy it’ll be short. Here’s the direct link to the video. I particularly like New York strips for the AirFryer because they tend to be uniform in size the thickness so the same cooking time and temperature always works with no guesswork. People always ask which AirFryer. So, GoWISE USA 5.8-Quarts 8-in-1 Electric Air Fryer XL. In this case, it’s the recipe and procedure for the whole meal, but feel…Read More

Were The Bitcoin “Maximalists” Right All Along?

For the last 7 months I’ve been on the sidelines. It’s so weird that personal issues coincided to the exact day that the general crypto market reached its peak in early January and has been declining steadily ever since. The public portfolio is 20% in the red. Hell, I wondered if I’d caused it. LOL. …Read the rest at Patreon.... This content is for Annual Subscription and Monthly Subscription members only and is a preview. Login…Read More

Low Fat “Potato Hack” Soup |Patreon

I’ve been ramping up creating cooking videos for my new Patreon venture. I’ve rolled out a few already which I’ll be posting here as well, and I have a backlog of about a half dozen. So, off and running. I’m enjoying it and yes, I do have work to do refining video presentation, though without a lot of fluff. Goal is to keep the videos focused on the food, 5-10 minutes each. …Well, let’s say…Read More