Thanksgiving Special: Curt Doolittle on Eugenics and Dysgenics

A couple of weeks ago I had my first conversation with Curt Doolittle. We covered the hard shit. This morning, we spoke again. An hour this time, and with cool video recording gear. Much better quality. We cover the “taboo” of eugenics and dysgenics—from bacteria to human civilization and the political and social structures they…Read More

My Video Podcast Interview With Fahad Ahmad of Ketogeek

This was quite fun, not the least of which is that beyond various Ketotarded stuff, we delved into politics and social issues. I think we still kept it rather relevant, though. Good families, good food, and good discipline around food and various gluttonous distractions like social media should be of interest to Keto dieters to…Read More

Your Sexual Market Value With Noah Revoy

First off, I’m certainly not the expert here. Yes, I have spoken at three men’s conferences, but not about these kinds of issues—things other than relationships, of interest to men (diet, politics, crypto). In this rather unique case, I’m actually interviewing an expert on his own podacast/vidcast show. Here’s the interview post at I…Read More

My 14th Facebook Ban

30 days, again. For this post. That brings my total banned time since 2015 pretty close to a full year. I guess it goes against “community standards” to kill invaders in what is an invasion. Rather, it implies that community standards hold that we must let them in, feed, clothe, house them, and let them…Read More

I Interview Curt Doolittle

Curt Doolittle is the man behind Propertarianism, which I’ve written about before. In this 45-min talk—designed for libertarians, philosophy geeks, and other weirdos—we get his perspectives on: Ayn Rand Epistemology Grammar Truth Honesty Testimonialism Curt’s website: Propertarianism ~ The Philosophy of Western Civilization in Scientific Terms Facebook: More