My 14th Facebook Ban

30 days, again. For this post. That brings my total banned time since 2015 pretty close to a full year.

I guess it goes against “community standards” to kill invaders in what is an invasion. Rather, it implies that community standards hold that we must let them in, feed, clothe, house them, and let them vote.

I agree with Trump.

UPDATE: Facebook appeared to give me an opportunity to dispute their finding, so I wrote this is the space provided:

I shared a post by, normal established news column.

What I wrote in the introduction is “kill invaders.”

You can argue whether a particular mass of people are invaders or not (Trump and Acosta had such an argument) and that’s fine. I’ll engage in that debate, but the notion that killing invaders to your community, intent on doing you harm is against standards is far fetched.

History is replete with thousands of examples of doing just that, toward the general aim of protecting community and advancing civilization.

When I hit send, this:

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  1. Louise on November 8, 2018 at 17:23

    Whaaaat? I thought you were all in for dem Richard Pan and his plans for mandatory vaccinations. Can’t have it both ways Richard. Either you are for sovereignty or not.

    What a Dick!

  2. Victoria on November 9, 2018 at 15:37

    Yep, libtards make about as much sense as ketotards do.

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