My Video Podcast Interview With Fahad Ahmad of Ketogeek

This was quite fun, not the least of which is that beyond various Ketotarded stuff, we delved into politics and social issues. I think we still kept it rather relevant, though. Good families, good food, and good discipline around food and various gluttonous distractions like social media should be of interest to Keto dieters to round things out.

I like how Fahad outlines it in his announcement, so I’ll just paste it:

|NEW PODCAST| w/ Richard Nikoley. Warning: This one probably has at least ONE topic that will probably annoy you! Just look at those time stamps. We talk about commercialization and myths around keto, raising children & parenting, healthcare, gender issues, social media and manipulating reality and much more!
Note: Video came out a bit wonky on the recording side but the overall content is great!


Time Stamps:
12:50 – “Richard Nikoley’s Ketotard Chronicles”
17:10 – Discussion on fat intake and problems with consuming isolated sources of fat
22:41 – The “All Potato Diet” and getting into deeper ketosis using it
24:21 – Problem with pushing specific macronutrients and concerns with pushing protein satiety
29:19 – Failure of using keto macro percentages for fat loss, gaining weight on keto and criticisms towards commercialization of ketogenic diets
33:01 – Potential dishonesty among affiliate marketers and influencers
36:38 – Discussion about food forms, processing, food combinations and moving beyond macronutrients
40:44 – How fat can impact glucose and insulin as well
42:08 – The curious case of nuts, calories and satiety
48:48 – A conversation about gender and hostility between men and women in society
52:19 – Issues with pushing free healthcare
58:00 – Parenting and challenges of being a male or female at our current times
1:02:15 – Manipulating social media pictures and misrepresentation of reality
1:06:29 – Discussion about fat acceptance and fat shaming
1:12:40 – Conversation about drawing the line between rights of parenting and child abuse
1:17:35 – Does human innovation and money buy you happiness?
1:22:07 – Is happiness dependent on ourselves or comparison with others?

Here’s the embedded video at the Ketogeek website. You can also visit the Podcast page, and this is episode 51. And here’s the audio only version.

So, the video is jittery and so the first few minutes are cut. While still a bit jittery when video cuts back in, it improves over time, just like a nice bottle of wine.

Enjoy. Critique if you like.

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