Podcast: Make Women Great Again – #MWGA – with Anthony Johnson

Anthony Johnson and I go way back. He’s the creator of 21 Studios at the age of 17. In conjunction, he has been running 21 Convention conferences for 11 years, now. I’ve been a speaker at three of them. Something serendipitous happened. I have lots of acquaintances on the Internet, some more special to me than others and it happened that one day, one of them—who identifies as female because she’s female—wrote something on Facebook…Read More

Podcast: Siim Land: Bad Keto Diet Advice with Richard Nikoley

This was a pretty decent podcast, where I’m interviewed this time. Seems to have been well received, with almost 5,700 views so far. The comments on YouTube, nearly 230 at this point, are about what you’d expect, at a glance. Here’s Siim’s root post. Here are his notes from the post: “Eat as much fat as you want and don’t count calories” Ever heard that sort of advice from a keto guru? The ketogenic diet…Read More