What In The Hell Is Up With Richard Nikoley, Chapter 2

Chapter 1 was posted on my 57th birthday, January 29. That was three weeks into the separation from my wife Beatrice, whom I’d been together with since about 1996, married since 2001, so 22 years and 17 years, respectively. I’d suspected for a while that her retirement last June from the day job would make…Read More

Why You’re Failing On The Keto Diet

It’s in our nature to seek paths of least resistance. It’s not a particularly bad thing. Conserve energy, obtain more for less, and reduce the often greater risks associated with high energy and effort. It’s not necessarily lazy and can sometimes be smart. In the realm of diets, however, this human tendency often goes off…Read More

Fix The Gut To Fix Immune Problems And Inflammation

—Why the gut is responsible for allergies, acne, depression, and more… Why is gut health important? What is autoimmune disease? What causes inflammation? How do you boost your immune system..? …Imagine a top student from a highly intelligent alien race was taking an exam on interplanetary biology. A question comes up asking the alien to…Read More

Human Female Sexual Selection Is Multi Variable

Why females select the males they select and open their gates is an interesting study or contemplation. This is not a formal Propertarian post. The distinction being that, in formal posts, I’m dutifully taking up my responsibility to select Propertarian curriculum in relevant and contextual chunks and translate it to wider audiences. But, because Propertarianism…Read More

Trade Notice: Seven New Altcoins To Buy

I was intending to light a fire under this place again about a week ago but held of to brush up and to make pretty sure I’m seeing what I’m seeing. More on that in a detailed post tomorrow. I like that chart. Here’s the link to the portfolio. I’m adding seven altcoins to it.…Read More

The Maddening Yet Delightful Gulf Between Man and Woman

On the heels of yesterday’s post kicking off a new series, I’ve realized that Propertarianism is replete with males, yet it’s fully accessible to females and actually seeks to restore to them full power as females, the true power they squandered since they traded it away for the bait-and-switch of the 19th Amendment to the…Read More

The Propertarianism Project: Why? Scope, and Goals

Propertarianism: Propertarianism is a scientific, rational, empirical, approach to understanding and analyzing human behavior, incentives, norms, institutions, cooperation and conflict. So far, I have two posts up: Could Propertarianism Be the Grand Unifying Theory Libertarians and Objectivists Have Been Seeking? Male and Female Calculus and Realm: A Propertarian Perspective The first is quite formal though…Read More

Male and Female Calculus and Realm: A Propertarian Perspective

For background, see Could Propertarianism Be the Grand Unifying Theory Libertarians and Objectivists Have Been Seeking? That’s my first post on the topic and I’m tearing my way down rabbit holes with a thirsty enthusiasm I’ve not experienced since about 1990 when I first realized all the regurgitate that’s called food really creates a fat and dumb…Read More

Common Traits In Women?

The other day on a private comm channel and just off the top of my head, stream of consciousness, thinking out loud, I quickly wrote: From experience I think there’s three principle things about the female that apply to most. 1. They are polyamorous. That is, while most will be monogamous, they have the capacity…Read More

Facebook’s Flagrant Bias In Temporary Blocking

A couple of weeks ago I posted about the unequivocal proof I had involving Facebook’s bias in temporary blocking. This a a brief update to show that I took it a step further towards demonstrating Facebook’s flagrant duplicity in enforcing its “Community Standards.” The original image, again, posted by Dean Marroni and shared 173 times…Read More

Could Propertarianism Be the Grand Unifying Theory Libertarians and Objectivists Have Been Seeking?

INTRODUCTION My entry into Liberty Thinking—to paint a broad, all-inclusive stroke—was neither via Libertarianism nor Objectivism (more properly labelled Randianism, as in Ayn Rand). It was by a dude who was a self publisher under the pen name of Frank R. Wallace, representing the names of his three children: Frank, Ruth, and Wallace. His name…Read More

Unequivocal Proof Of Facebook Bias In Temporary Blocking

I have quite a record of my richard.nikoley Facebook Profile being temporarily blocked. This latest one is NUMBER ELEVEN. Here’s a bit of a history and the bogus “reason” behind the last one, #10. In my 10 preceding temporary blocks, it has always been over something I had written in an original post, or something I…Read More

Yes You Heard That Right. I Have Registered To Vote

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT I actually just registered to vote. Held my nose and went with Republican (because primaries). Unbelievable. Last time I voted in the Presidential was ’96, Harry Browne. Last time I voted at all was in the CA recall election to oust that weasel Gray Davis in favor of Aaaanold (a disaster too). Crazy.…Read More