Making Money As A Location Independent Nomad

I’ve spent a good deal of time in contemplation since I got rid of the biggest monkey on my back, the home sale. I’ve sold nearly everything…only the car and hang-glider remain. And my only bills are the cell phone and Netflix. LOL. Soon I’ll have rent and food, but otherwise only incidental expenses like…Read More

Food For The Holidays

That was the spread at my family’s Christmas party on Saturday, December 14, just a few hours after I left the home I sold for the last time. I’ve been here since, enjoying the Holidays with family and will remain until I head out January 14 on the travels—likely lasting a year or two, around…Read More

Chiang Mai, Thailand Early 2020 Nomading Update

In my last post I briefly laid out some costs for my first excursion to Thailand commencing January 14, 2020. Now I’ll add some precision, such that people have a decent idea of what the costs to do this might be—the aim being to definitely not live in squalor like the grunge hippies do, but…Read More

At Long Last I’m a “Homeless” Nomad

Beatrice brought the dogs up to Arnold, CA for the last week in the cabin, gathering clothes and other keepsakes, as I did the same. In the end, I ended up with a reasonable pile constituting every material thing I own, except for the car that hauls it away, until I sell that too, within…Read More

Discussions 7: Curt Doolittle Talks About the State of the World

Once again Andy Curzon and I host an interesting person with which to have a discussion. This time it’s Curt Doolittle, founder of the Propertarian Institute. It’s an informal discussion that lightly covers a lot of ground from film to trade tariffs. For a more formal and thorough treatment of Propertarianism, Curt suggests you watch…Read More

Discussions 5: George Bruno Tells Men How to Get Unstuck

George “The Most Interesting Man in the World” Bruno takes on on a whirlwind tour of Hair and Beard Grooming, the Art of the Interview, Getting Unstuck Financially, Getting Beyond Trading Time For Dollars, Passive Income, and Things Men Should Do for Success, Personal and Financial. It’s a must, don’t miss. George can be found…Read More

The Facebook Question

I deleted my Facebook account. It wasn’t the first time. Sometime in 2013/14 I deleted it for the 1st time. Back then, I’d grown it to 10K plus peeps as I recall. But I’d grown it from this blog. I rarely interacted very much, primarily using it as a means to get out word of…Read More

Low and Slow Scrambled Eggs

I went off the rails a bit last night on Facebook for engagement for fun after another 30 days away. Deleted all the posts this morning. I have no interest in adding any value to Facebook ever again. My own blog (since 2003 it’s my own platform and approaches 5,000 posts). Posts just like this.…Read More

It Begins With Dogs

In early March, my now former wife, Beatrice, calls and asks if I want Choncho, Nanuka, and Scout for a couple of weeks. She has some weekend trips to take and doesn’t want to burden her elderly parents. Sure. So I drive down to SoCal, stayed for a few days, and we signed the final…Read More

LOL Facebook. It’s Hopeless

I wrote that some months ago because it’s precisely true. First of all, to Make Women Great Again and kick off a Great Women Revolution, you begin with the influenced, not indoctrinated entirely, but still dependent. Some like to think they’re indoctrinated and act as such because they are still dependent. Females always want to…Read More

Boo Hoo

I can’t stand the latest trends where everyone uses children to “speak their truth.” Adolescents are even dumber. Just look at all the young people crying tears. It’s abject hubris. Children should be seen and not heard, adolescents should shut the fuck up. Fires Destroy Amazon Rainforest, Blanketing Brazilian Cities in Smog. The Wall Street…Read More