Becoming The Ideal Man

Posted to the Facebook group linked below, today. I had been paying more attention to the “men’s movement” (I’m using the term loosely, to encompass all) recently and then Anthony Johnson elevated me to moderator status of the Becoming The Ideal Man Group on FB. A worthy cause. So I’ve paid more attention. As an outsider—in spite of three speaking gigs at 21C conferences—a bird’s eye view type—I’d like to offer some impressions that may…Read More

Nick Stumphauzer: How To Kill 14 People Without Saying a Word

This interview was a privilege for me on on several accounts. First and foremost is that I’m solidly in agreement and support of Nick’s message in this high production-value video production. Second is that the young man is only 20 years of age and this is his first feature film. He traveled to 13 different locations to get about 15 hours of footage to edit into a compact, meaningful visual form that I find non-partisan…Read More