The History and Cancer of Feminism, Live Stream

It’s live with me. I’ll be doing a LIVE YouTube with Anthony Paul Johnson, Thursday, 24 May at 10 AM Pacific. He’s the proprietor of 21 Sudios and the 22 Convention, at which I’ve been a speaker three times, since 2011. This time is in Warsaw, Poland, 18-21 July, 2019. My presentation will be about the…Read More

Speaking Engagement 21 Convention Warsaw, Poland

For the fourth time I’m going back. I simply couldn’t resist Anthony Johnson’s invitation once I saw the promotional video. And, plus, it’s Warsaw, Poland. See for yourself. Two minutes of fun and excitement. I’ll be speaking on the History and Cancer of Feminism. It’s being held for four days, July 19-21, 2019. If you…Read More

My Sierra Mountain Home is Listed For Sale

Finally, spring has sprung and so the next step of the grand plan is executed. The last step prior to listing was installing that retaining wall from a single tree. The long section is 40′. My brother, his son, and I got it done in a day. It would have been easier had Dave remembered…Read More