Discussions 1: Truth, Honesty, Limitations, Success Frames, and Agency with Andy Curzon and Noah Revoy

Here I go again with my informal series of unscripted, serendipitous conversations and discussions with very smart, interesting people. Andy Curzon put the outline together 30 minutes before start time and we only arranged to do this yesterday afternoon. I’m in the Sierras in California, Andy is in London, England, and Noah is near Lisbon, Portugal (where we’re chewing on arranging a conference next year). Outline: Truth vs. honesty; the yardstick for an opinion is…Read More

Facebook Hates That Arab Children Growing Up To Yearn to Kill Americans is on the Wane

UPDATE: After about a week of the ban, Facebook reversed it’s decision and unblocked me. It’s the first time in all 17 temporary bans. This, my 17th Facebook ban, happened within a literal 10 seconds of sharing this meme. So, obviously computer algorithm (Artificial “Intelligence”). But what’s telling is that I searched around and can find it posted many places elsewhere. It reminds me of this, where I actually detailed it: Facebook’s Flagrant Bias In…Read More

A Conversation About Everything With Moritz Bierling and Andy Curzon

I had a previous conversation with Moritz. The other night, I clicked the FB messenger video button at 2:30am my time and Andy and I video chatted for an hour. He knows Moritz as well. Andy suggested we do a three-way. Thing is, it was quite serendipitous and we put it together inside of an hour and then just went for a free for all, and free flow streaming of consciousness. We’re three dudes that…Read More

A talk-to-interview with Moritz Bierling of Existential Ventures

Moritz and I are friends and in the midst of a Facebook Messenger chat, we got on video to continue and after a few minutes, he hit record and this is the result. I’m sorry for my long-winded introduction. I was recapping what we’d already been speaking of. Please overlook that and stick around for what he has to say. It’s a whirlwind of a one hour and 42 minute conversation that covers the gamut…Read More